Name: pincerna

Contact Information:
email: meadowchild at ymail dot com
msn: meadowchild at hotmail dot com
aim: tateykatie
lj: pincerna

Random Fun Facts:
pincerna's life consists mostly of studying or feeling guilty for not studying when she should be. Otherwise she reads Arthurian literature obsessively and has snuggle tiemz with her little horde of guinea pigs. She also conlangs sometimes when she is feeling particularly nerdy. Which is way more often than is healthy.

She happens to live Down Under, which tends to mean she's not online when most others are. Unless she stays up too late, which she does way more often than is healthy.

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Shameless Fellow Typist Love

hi pincerna - momentsplinter

Wil thinks Pincerna is adorable, squishable and very funny. Also, she writes an excellent Medraut. ^^

Nara has not yet played with Pincerna, but she will (she is very determined on this topic and looks forward to it very much), and it will be amazing.

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