Phoenix Wright

Name: Phoenix Wright

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Fandom: Ace Attorney

Journal: whutobjection

Typist: Pashchan

Quick Biography

Phoenix Wright was born an only child to two doting, but rather aloof parents. When he was young, he remembers sneaking into a ranch and tipping over cows. However, his life was forever changed in the fourth grade when Phoenix was accused of stealing lunch money from classmates. Due to his lack of alibi, he was assumed to be the culprit. However a Young Edgeworth stepped up to defend Phoenix, citing that there was no way the class could judge him without proper evidence. Phoenix says that has the day he knew he wanted to become an attorney. However due to the events of DL-6 case, (see Edgeworth's wiki for more details) Edgeworth transferred schools and moved out of town.

Later on in Phoenix's life, he attended Ivy University majoring in art and law. It was during this time, he saw a story about his old friend Edgeworth in the newspaper, detailing his descent to corruption and ruthlessness. Phoenix tried to contact him, but he was ignored. He then figured that he would have to become a Defense Attorney, since Edgeworth will eventually meet him in court. It was also at this time he met a girl named Dahlia Hawthorne, he fell head over heels for her. However, after a very 'unforeseen' incident involving a dead Ex-boyfriend of Dahlia's which ended up in Phoenix being framed for murder. A rookie defense attorney named Mia Fey defended him. It then became known that Dahlia framed Phoenix and was sent to be hung. After being told to 'move on' by Mia, and impressed by her abilities, Phoenix decided to become a Defense Attorney full time. After a few years, Phoenix went on to win a tear of cases in the span of three years while gaining only one loss.

At this time (April 2019 to be exact) he is preparing for yet another case, not knowing that he is going to get disbarred and is his final case as defense attorney.

Physical Abilities

Nothing too special. (Lawyers are good with words, not punches.) Most likely incredibly average. (Unless somebody he cares about is in trouble, and a door is involved. That thing is gonna be kicked open.) Also can 'swipe' evidence without being noticed. (Because apparently, the fourth amendment DOES NOT FREAKIN' EXIST in 2010/2020's Los Angeles. But then again neither does reasonable doubt, the law in Phoenix's universe is strange and cruel, I know.)

Superhuman Abilities

Nothing really. Besides an uncanny ability to be extremely lucky/unlucky and bluff like nobody's business. Is also a hideously good poker player. (Which is the exact thing he falls back on when he loses his career, since he can't play piano for anything.)

Unusual or Magical Possessions

None. (Unless a Fey Sister were to come.)


Is roughly 5'9. Average build. Not drop-dead handsome, but fairly attractive in his own low-key way. Has round, brown eyes that are sometimes 'puppy-like'. Has spiky black hair without the need of hair gel. Tends to favor suits or button down shirts.


Phoenix is generally easy-going. (However when weird or annoying stuff is about, he has a tendency to be snide and sarcastic, but he mostly keeps it to himself.) However, Phoenix is a loyal friend and an honest lawyer who will not back down when times (and cases) get tough.


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RP Canon

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