Name: Paul

Gender: Male

Age: Late twenties

Fandom: The Historian

Journal: only_paul

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

A baby-boomer, Paul was born in Boston to a relatively wealthy family. A student of history, he works on his dissertation on Dutch merchants under the supervision of Bartholomew Rossi, when an intriguing book, blank but bearing a dragon on the cover, appears on his carrel at the university library. He shares this information with his mentor, who gives him a copy of a similar book, along with lengthy notes and research on the matter of Vlad Dracula, and more particularly, the search for his tomb. Shortly after, Rossi disappears, and Paul makes the acquaintance of his daughter.
From Istanbul, to Budapest, their search for Rossi and Dracula leads them to Sophia, and later to a secluded monastery. Throughout, Paul falls hopelessly in love with Helen and proposes. She accepts, but a few days later, in a traumatic confrontation, the couple is forced to put an end to Rossi's life before he is fully turned by Dracula. This is immediately followed by interference form the Bulgarian and Hungarian secret services, and the pair is expulsed from Bulgaria swiftly.
During their travel back to Istanbul, Paul falls asleep, and wakes up at the Mansion.


Tall, lanky, with auburn hair and grey eyes. Paul is a complete academic and looks it. His appearance, is usually vaguely mussed, even if he tries to look as impeccable as the 1950's require it. He usually wears suits, and they are usually rumpled from extensive travel.


Paul is an interesting combination of awkward, proper and highly emotional. He is also doggedly loyal to those he loves, and willing to take great risks for their sakes. His memory is excellent, despite his own opinion that it is not, and his dedication to his academic work is outstanding. He also has a very strong ability to record events, with photographic and auditive memories that record them in close detail.


  • Family:In his canon, the Narrator (his daughter). He's taken Riku as his pupil.
  • Lovers: Helen Rossi.
  • Score card : Paulinka Erdnuss, much to his bafflement.
  • Friends: Muraki considered "turning" him into a sympathetic energy phage but changed his mind - they do geek out quite a bit. Echo is his literacy student. He considers Zillah Katz and Mercedes Thompson his closest friends.
  • Enemies: None so far, though he has has issues about Henry Fitzroy for a long time.
  • Allies: Tony Foster (though he's close to considering him a friend), Gellert Grindelwald.
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not): Academics?

RP Canon

At ye olde Mansion

Paul's arrival at the Mansion was an eventful one. After relatively sane interactions with Gen Watanabe, Mercedes Thompson and Sandor Clegane, he got abducted by Henry Fitzroy. Henry informed him of Helen's vampirification, which threw him into wells of grief. Helen eventually confronted him and broke off their engagement. Paul hasn't been quite whole since. He can mostly thank Zillah Katz and Mercedes for keeping him in one piece.

In 2010

  • He and Zillah were very freaked out by the presence of Iskierka when she burned down the kitchen.
  • Has been developing an interesting friendship with Muraki that is full of geekery - however, Paul has yet to find out his friend's true nature.
  • With Zilllah, still, he organized a mentoring program within the Mansion, which allows learners and teachers to find one another, so as to increase knowledge transfers.
  • Has encountered Misa Amane several times and has a strange interaction with her that is essentially made of awkward.
  • Has had pleasant and interesting conversations with Pasha.
  • Met the Doctor and is still baffled by those conversations.
  • Has made peace with Henry Fitzroy after they both shared the details of their experiences with vampirism.
  • Has been rescued by Riku and healed by Gellert during Morgoth's twisted Halloween crackplot.
  • Has met Eeyore, which he found was both comforting and very odd.
  • Was kiddified and made snow angels with Sheila Franklin.

2013 update

Paul - nothing much goes on with this one. He's been kind of hitting awkwardly on Cathy Morland, and finishing his dissertation (which he saved from the quake). He resumed his work on the Open University Project and tried to assembled a jury for his thesis here.

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