Name: Pashchan

Contact Information:

Birthdate: 11/17
Appearance: Fat, funny looking, and is ambiguous looking in terms of race.
Location:USA by way of Texas.
Signs:Scorpio (Moon in Scorpio and Aquarius Rising.) and Metal Horse
Likes: Crack parings, post modernism, under-loved characters, all things that are dysfunctional, bloody, crazy and awesome, music,and making up fanon and characters.
Dislikes: Animal blood, Twilight, Stupid Fans, Moe, and One Dimensional Characters.

Random Fun Facts:

  • Prefers playing female characters out of the ease of getting in their heads. But will try to play the odd male character.
  • Can get REALLY EMO sometimes.
  • Is known to wax fridge logic and crack at a moment notice.

Literary Characters


Lost Souls


Video Media Characters

Black Lagoon

Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine

Panty Stocking with Garterbelt

Paranoia Agent


Revolutionary Girl Utena

Yami no Matsuei

Yu Yu Hakusho

Musical Characters

Video Game Characters

Ace Attorney

Dropped Characters

Shameless Fellow Typist Love

Jules hopes that Pash won't hate her guts when she brings in one or two Twilight characters - she might even discover that they have a whole new dimension when played by the right munner. Oh. Typist forgot this was about Pash >.> - j/k, j/k ^^. I'm really glad to have met you and to play across you, my dear <3!

Matrix Refugee is delighted that Pash found her way to the Mansion and is always amazed and intrigued by how adept she is at adding clever and convincing fanon to characters with otherwise obscure backstories (and enjoys geeking out about YnM with her). She'd also like to reassure her that if we ever get any Twilight characters, Muraki will probably have a little too much fun with them… We know what that means.

Pasha is always willing for plot and has been consistent, reliable and fun! Thanks for being here, Pash, and participating in making the game a fun place ! - Wil

Shar always has fun when tagging with Pash. She loves her chars, but not as much as their player!

Nara thinks that Pash is fantastic and interesting, and loves hearing her perspective on topics. Her characters are widely varied, well-played and loads of fun. Nara looks forward to many fascinating conversations and fabulous adventures together.

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