Pascal Rougon

Name: Pascal Rougon, though mostly identified as Docteur Pascal

Gender: Male

Age: 25(ish)

Fandom: The Rougon-Macquart Novels of Emile Zola

Journal: doctor-pascal

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

In The Fortunes of the Rougon Family we are introduced to many of the characters who will figure in the nineteen remaining books, notably including Pierre Rougon's son Pascal, a medical doctor who appears in several of the novels. He is taken somewhere before he treats his distant nephew, Serge Mouret (in Father Mouret's Transgression).
Pierre Rougon and his Machiavellian wife Felicité as they plan to advance their fortunes at the time of the coup d'etat. In this they are constantly harried by importunate scheming of Pierre's half-brother, Antoine Macquart, whom Pierre has cheated out of his inheritance.
Pascal Rougon has laboriously chronicled the lives of his fellow descendants of Tante Dide (who herself lives on silently in a mental hospital, over one hundred years old). Pascal's aged mother Felicité wants to bury the sordid origins of the family and the criminal trail of its great fortune and power (which fortune has survived the fall of the Second Empire) so wishes to burn Pascal's biographical and medical notes.
Pascal's life is mostly discussed in Doctor Pascal, but his typist wanted to play a younger version of him, and so he has no knowledge of the events depicted in this particular novel.


Pascal prides himself on not looking like his family, so he can be expected to have a tall, healthy frame, with high cheekbones face. Blond hair and smart, intelligent eyes. While his family looks decidedly like southerners… he could well be from Northern Europe, despite the fact that he was born in Plassans, Provence. He looks decidedly intellectual, in a somewhat defraggled suit. Older, he wears glasses, but in his twenties, his vision is still good.


Curious, interested, scientific. He does not believe in God - and is at odds with his family for this. He has no qualms about invading privacy in the name of research, but is overall a good guy, able to be reasonable and caring, and protective of those in needs. He has no interest in money and gives his medical services for free - cares about animals, is atune to nature and to art.
Able to be funny and charming, but also generally distracted - depending on the situation he can appear surly, but it's just that he's not paying attention… or that he's busy thinking of something.
Don't touch his research, though. That's a plan for him to lose his cool. And he will NOT be nice. He might even write you off - he did so with his own mother.
He doesn't know it yet, but he is very afraid of death, and even more so of insanity, as it is a plague in his family, one he has escaped thanks of the miracles of heredity.


  • Family: Les Rougon-Macquart, on site, his niece Angelique , though neither of them knows that they are related, and they have yet to even meet.
  • Lovers: Felix Harrowgate
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating): Molly Seagrim.
  • Friends: Joe Abernathy, Richard Carstone. Also, his horse's name is Bonhomme, and he has his own icon, yes he does. Iphigenia talks to him sometimes.
  • Enemies: Gellert Grindelwald.
  • Allies: Adrian Singleton, Alan Campbell, Sam Spade, Mildmay, potentially Kazutaka Muraki.
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not): none, really.

RP Canon

At Ye Olde Mansion

For now, has experienced awkwardness with Courfeyrac and Admetus of Pherae, been growled at by Clayton Danvers and somewhat briefed (?) by Locke Lamora. He also met briefly Cywyllog.

  • greeted Luna Lovegood on arrival;
  • met Adrian Singleton during a walk;
  • greeted Felix Harrowgate on arrival and (OMG) slept with him - he's still very disturbed by that. Whether this becomes a habit, has yet to be seen (and yes, Pascal does like women);
  • assisted Morgause after she nigh passed out for cursing Merlin
  • met Lynette - and thinks the azi thing is a monstrosity and is very ashamed of being a born man.
  • is befriending his colleague Joe Abernathy - and they may come to being an effective working pair.
  • seems to be getting on well with Richard Carstone
  • has met Dashti, another fellow healer.

Felix and Pascal surprisingly continued their relationship. However, this was interrupted with Morgoth's arrival, as Morgoth sent Felix reeling halfway back to his madness due to nasty, nasty nightmares. After Pascal dealt with that, Loki made sure that Pascal was going to have a rough couple days by crackplotting the gullible Felix back to his whoring teenage days and inadvertently pissed off Pascal with the bruises that one sustains being a sadist's whore. He never used the L word, though. Pascal is straight, dammit!
And now Draugluin ate Felix. So. He's not a happy camper, he's sad and disturbed, and busy duct-taping his boyfriend together.
Not too much of note has happened for a while - it was mostly research and teaching Sugar's daughter Sophie about biology - but then Felix got killed again, and he and Khardeen had to go and find the body, and bury it. This is starting to be bothersome, typist, says Pascal.

ETA: Felix went alcoholic and Pascal help with the weaning. Then they said the L word and they were happy ever after. Felix also stopped dying, which Pascal finds very nice.

In 2010

It's been a quiet year for Pascal, but he has made a few new acquaintances:

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