Name: Parsifal

Gender: Male

Age: mid to late twenties (he never kept count)

Fandom: Arthuriana/Richard Wagner's "Parsifal"

Journal: weristdas_graal

Typist: Matrix Refugee

Quick Biography

When his father Gahmuhret abandoned his mother Herzeleide to seek fame as a knight-errant, she swore that she would raise their son in total ignorance of the ways of knighthood, retiring to a simple cottage deep in a forest. This lasted until Parzival was a young man out hunting when he spotted three knights on horseback and he gave chase, trying to discern what they were, discovering they were members of King Arthur's court. He left his mother in tears and set forth to join King Arthur's court. He was among the knights who set forth in quest of the Grail, but his journey was fraught with difficulties: his own guileless awkwardness did not endear him toward the Knights of the Grail, notwithstanding his kinship with Amfortas, their wounded king. He did, however, succeed in reclaiming the Sacred Lance from the clutches of a former would-be Grail Knight turned dark sorcerer, setting forth to return it to its rightful place among the hallows in the Castle of the Grail. However, he was cursed by a servant of that sorcerer and now wanders the earth, looking for the path back to the castle of the Grail and seeking to help the innocent, however he can…


Moderately tall, with a lean, lightly muscled figure and wavy blond hair bleached by the sun. Dark blue eyes with an earnest, open expression and a quiet, often slightly bemused expression.


Innocent yet not naive (generally), somewhat given to introspection and asking awkward questions or uttering seeming non-sequitors when spoken to, and yet there is a quiet earnestness and an almost Zen-like calm coupled with an air of simple wisdom and child-like faith about him. However, he is like a force of nature in a fight: the fact that he once beat a fully armed and battle-hardened knight, while armed only with a fishing spear and with only minimal training is proof that he is not to be trifled with.

RP Canon

(What's happened to them in previous RPs, and since they arrived here)

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