Name: Pandora (Lydia)

Gender: Female

Age: about 2010 years old

Fandom: The Vampire Chronicles

Journal: pandora_antioch

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

Details of Pandora's life
Born with the name Lydia in the Roman Republic, a few years before the birth of Christ, to a Senatorial family. She meets Marius for the first time when he is twenty-five and she is ten. Marius de Romanus asks for Lydia's hand in marriage, but her father rejects Marius' offer. Five years later, Lydia sees Marius at a festival and begs her father to allow her to marry Marius. Her father again refuses.
Lydia's father holds a high rank as a Senator. A new emperor takes power, however, and her own brother betrays her family. Lydia alone survives the massacre, and she is taken to Antioch where she assumes the new identity of Pandora. There she meets Marius again, twenty years after their last encounter. Unbeknownst to her, Marius is now a vampire.
She eventually finds out what Marius has become, and becomes his human consort for a time, until she is mortally wounded while trying to prevent the taking of the old ones. In order to save her, Marius is forced to make Pandora into a vampire. They live together for the next two hundred years before arguing and separating over a ten-minute argument.
They meet again is in a Dresden ballroom in the early to mid-1700s, but Marius fails to make Pandora leave her companion, and she disappears in the night.
In 1985 she is among thirteen vampires who survived Akasha's killing spree. Pandora remains quiet and withdrawn throughout the whole ordeal, staring out the windows and saying little, rousing herself only once to say that Akasha is trying to justify deplorable "reasons" for a holocaust.
Writing her memories, however, force her to come full circle in 1997, and she eventually attempts to return into the fold and return to the New Orleans coven.
Pandora is the fifth of the seven Children of the Millenia, the most powerful known vampires of the chronicle. As thus, her powers are:

  • Telepathy (with anyone other than Marius);
  • Spell gift;
  • Fire gift;
  • Cloud gift.


She is tall, with rippling brown hair and gold-brown eyes. Her skin is unnaturally pale, as is any vampire's, and her body and posture exude a constant melancholy air. She is usually dressed in long dresses covered by a dark overcoat which marks her slender waist, her hair loosely dangling down her back.


Like many Patrician Roman females of the time Lydia was taught how to read and write and is well versed in epic poems, especially Ovid's works. Free-spirited and highly educated, she took poorly to being mentored in her younger days as a vampire, but later she becomes of a quieter and more reflected nature, as demonstrated by her behavior during Akasha’s holocaust.
It is quite clear that little of the lively, feisty and emotional Lydia remains after a two-millenia long existence. Like many vampires, Pandora is a morose, despairing immortal who initially wanted immortality but soon regretted her choice and turns into a dark, indifferent cynic: threatened of death by Akasha, Pandora stoically accepts the idea of being killed. For a long time, Pandora acted withdrawn from her fellow vampires, particularly ignoring Marius and remaining as morose as ever.
Previously an ardent detractor of Reason, she has now embraced it, and has grown, through self-inflicted seclusion of several centuries, a rational, but emotionally inept being. She does harbor some loyalties, though contrary to her kin, she does not worship Lestat - she rather believes him to be a spoiled, irreverent and irresponsible brat, but she means him no harm (she does resent his making Daniel Molloy, though. She is, and always was, in love with Marius, and likely will always be - a two thousand year-long love affair does not end for a bouquet of roses. She is very fond of David Talbot and has a reasonable amount of affection for Amadeo, though she has yet to meet them in the DF dimension. Though she is not close to Maharet, she gives her the respect due to a monarch.
Pandora believes no more blood drinkers should be made, and will be very adverse to any newly made vampires - unless the Faunt tolerates them - then her hands will be bound and she will think awful things in silence. She will, however, be much more tolerant of non-vampires, if they manage to capture her attention.
She also refuses to feed on those she calls "the Innocent", and would only feed on the Evil-doer. This is clearly indicative of a deep sense of honor, which is also reflected in her (misguided) attempt at giving Marius what he wants, and in her loyalty to the humans who saved her from herself.


RP Canon


At Ye New Mansion

Pandora has been mostly involved with several things:

  • trolling Curufin (she hates what he does to Cele) and eventually forcing her knowledge of Celebrimbor's death through a blood exchange, which led to Cele being very unhappy with her, lots of drama, and eventually, a manner of reconciliation between father and son.
  • with Adrian's help, laying down the law on Muraki after he infected Shilo and drained her of her energy.
  • almost killing Light, then changing her mind on the matter - she's now on a quest to redeem him, somehow.
  • taking Riku under her wing - and feeling oddly protective of the youth.
  • Ryuk is offering her his Death Note for safe-keeping from Light and Mikami. She's not sure about whether she will accept it or not.

At Ye Olde Mansion (kept for posterity)

Pandora finished writing her memoirs at David's insistence, and she was on her way to New Orleans… but she got to the Mansion instead - where conveniently most of the Coven is, anyway.
Her first evening at the Mansion was very traumatic. Pandora's main reason for seeking her fellow blood drinkers was unadmittedly to join Marius de Romanus once and for all as his companion. He is, indeed, the first person to intercept her on arrival while she is spying through the windows of the Mansion, and the meeting goes terribly awry, insults and threats are exchanged, hearts are broken and a forest fire is barely prevented. The meeting ends when the vampires sense Maharet and Lestat's presences. She attempts a discreet landing but is spotted by Firekeeper, who howls for a moment, though the vampire silences her harshly. Jaenelle Angelline intercepts her as well, but because of Maharet's presence, and Pandora's correct supposition that the recent events have been followed by their Queen (whom she refers to as the Faunt), the discussion is cut short.
Having learned of a few things that disturb her greatly, Pandora pays her respect to the Matriarch, and endeavors to understand that which she dubs "Marius' folly" - for he has claimed to have abandoned Reason, and seems to have indeed taken up behaviors which in her opinion suggest utter madness. (The typist suggests that it is probably impossible to survive 2000 years and not be insane, including Pandora.) This abandonment of reason is a sour point for Pandora who took about 1000+ years to come to the clear logic which she reproached Marius during what he dubbed their "hollow 200 year brawl."
The visit to Maharet is followed with an encounter with Lestat de Lioncourt, who, having been pulled out of the fandom much earlier in the series, has no idea who Pandora is. More distress. The cherry on the sunday though is inflicted upon her by Jareth, who (oh, the horrible gossip) proceeds to methodically dish out updates on just about every single blood drinker from the Vampire Chronicle Series, which she sustains with reasonable self-control, though she is most disconcerted by most of what he has to say. Probably out of spite, but maybe also by some twisted loyalty, Pandora tells Jareth that should Marius threaten Amadeo, she will endeavor to "resist him."
This done, Pandora opts not to reside at the Mansion. She spotted some caves where she can sleep, and for now, this will suffice. She is anyway so terribly depressed, that Louis de Pointe du Lac is a slap-stick comic by comparison.
But her respite is very short. Merlin, the Arthurian prophet, fulfilling his part in her destiny, though he never met her, indicates her whereabouts to Marius and Daniel. A confrontation ensues, in which many harmful things are said pertaining to the past and present. Urged by Marius, whom she does indeed love, to grant her closure and liberation, she does, first by lying and telling him she never did love him then by baring her soul to him. The abandon though forces her to surrender the last hopes she had of a reconciliation, and after she is left alone, she enacts the resolution which she reached in the course of the exchange. She uses the remainder of her will to make her way to the entrance of the caves, and there, she awaits for a sunrise to grant her a liberation of her own, much more permanent than anything she might have granted Marius.
Ironically, though she is a lady in distress, the knight who does come around to save her is not in shining armor, but rather carrying dead rabbits. Lamorak has been hunting in the woods, and finds her there, early enough to put her from the sun before she is burnt to coals (though she would have not died anyway, we're all fairly certain considering VC canon.) He left her in the caves after sunset, and went to seek out Ragnelle. Ragnelle's efforts were not in vain - for it was Pandora's psyche which was ill, and the faerie instilled in her a new will to live, and to "do good." Both she and Lamorak insisted on giving her their own blood, that she might live, though in the end, only Ragnelle's was necessary - the operation was painless, as Pandora used the Mind Trick to turn her thoughts to Inglewood.
The remainder of Pandora's destiny has yet to unfold, though it is likely she will be going by the name of Lydia in the future, as the Vampire made in Antioch by Marius de Romanus has indeed died, and only the girl Lydia will remain.
Pandora lived scarcely for a while, staying in the Caves neighboring the Mansion - she happened on Wilhelmina Benedict and on Khardeen during one of her nightly walks and became fast friends with both.
She has also an undying loyalty to both Ragnelle and Lamorak - along with a new desire to be human, if at least in mind. Ragnelle asked her to be, well, her spy, and so she does hang around the Mansion at night, though always careful to be unseen - she uses telepathy, mostly, to know the going-ons of the Mansion, for now.
Nonetheless, there is one vampire she endures, Henry Fitzroy. It was during their flight that she discovered that she could leave as she had come, and so she did leave, though intent on coming back, to work on the possible companionships she sees looming on the horizon, after she manages to set up a reasonable living in the woods.
She now lives in the deep recesses of a cave, which she organized with a bed, books, candles, and other refineries she brought in from the outside world. and is not enjoying anything very eventful usual. Events of note are as below:

Oddly, that she may be hanging with some evildoers (namely Maglor and Mae) doesn't seem to faze her, but it probably has to do with their reeking guilt and angst, which fits so well with her own.
She did bump into Lestat and it did annoy her - but not as much as expected. Mostly, she found the whole thing sickening - and has no regrets.
She's met Mina Harker and had a nice, civilized conversation with her about feeding on humans, or not. Discussions with Maharet, Khardeen and Wilhelmina Benedict have helped her self esteem a little and move on from Marius, whom she now thinks is a fickle bastard (which is pretty much what everyone else thinks, by the way. Ha.) Taking care of Celebrimbor and using the mind gift to soothe him have given her the purpose she lacked, and the arrival of the Enemy has put a great deal on perspective on her little sentimental issue with Marius et al.
All in all, Marius? She doesn't really give a damn about what you do at this point. She's got bigger, much bigger fish to fry.
She's a bit disturbed by the arrival of Tyelko, though - contrary to his other evil-doing cousins, he's got no regrets. That means he really, really smells like food - and as he's kind of Cele's favorite uncle, that sucks.
And now it sucks more because said favorite uncle got abducted by Morgoth, and now she feels a bit bad because deep down, she's relieved it wasn't Finrod. She's still keeping an eye on the cliffs, though - just in case he gets ejected of the vortex, or something.
Now that Tyelko is back, she`s been talking to Fingon, no, wait, mostly laughing at him, and she had a civil conversation with Cleeg that really made him flail.

ETA: In the wake of Anita Blake's epic fail, she's busy sitting on a suicidal Henry.

ETA2: There was a fail moment where she was human for a day, then reverted to a beast and ate Lamorak, much to her distress. Cele rescued her, after much patching up, she and Celebrimbor are effectively dating. He even said it, much to her flailitude. They are happily living together and making shiny things. She also had Khardeen deliver the bunny slippers of haet to Marius, much to the typists' amusement.

ETA3: Pandora has been having lots of fun trying to fix Sandor Clegane. He's like her personal pet, which causes lots of typist glee.

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