Name: Oscar

Gender: Male

Age: Typist thinks that he's a freakishly youthful-looking mid to late twenties, at least.

Fandom: Lupin The III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine

Journal: wellheeledlt

Typist: pashchan

Quick Biography

In the series, Oscar lived life as a street urchin in Paris France. Fighting tooth and nail for a single franc against other boys, he threw himself into the Seine River. Under the bridge was an Interpol Inspector named Zenigata. He was on assignment at the time and had been thinking of quitting… until he saw a young Oscar go into the river and he jumped in to save him.

Hearing about the story behind why Oscar did that totally brash action, it renewed his spirits about his job and made Zenigata admire the boy's tenaciousness. Oscar felt he owed the man his life, so over the years he cleaned up his act and worked his way up to being Zenigata's second in command. By then, that admiration turned into something far deeper on Oscar's part. The only problem? His boss was for all intents and purposes, married to the task of catching and arresting The Master Thief Arsene Lupin III. (Sleeping with the sexy female thief known as Fujiko Mine in exchange for her freedom and help in catching Lupin didn't help much either.) Soon Fujiko started to work with Lupin in various schemes, forcing Oscar to run into the woman he despised. (And was clearly jealous of, but he would never admit it.)

His jealousy for the female thief and desperation to help the man he loved got so bad he started committing various crimes dressed as Fujiko to flush Lupin out and even doing things in her amoral way. (Including killing guards and fellow policemen.) It didn't fool Zenigata or Lupin at all. It all culminated in an effort to steal a bejeweled dress and ended with him agreeing to a shadowy organization to plant a bomb under the bridge where he and Zenigata first met. The bomb was delayed thanks to Lupin III, much to Oscar's chagrin. But hearing Zenigata remember about how they met on this bridge make Oscar realize exactly what he had done. He rushed under, took the still active bomb, and threw himself into the river…

It looked like he died in that explosion, but he didn't.

Instead he was kidnapped by that shadowy organization that was Glaucus Pharmaceuticals. Their intention was to basically scare and creep Fujiko out to the point that she would kill herself. One of these methods was to create a theme park dedicated to her horrible memories, including a a entire group of women (and some men) brainwashed and dressed like Fujiko, Oscar was one of them. Accompanying her, Zenigata soon discovered him among the clones. Still brainwashed, he attacked the both of them. Until he eventually broke free (but with quite a bit of an unhinged mind) and killed the Fujiko clones by a Gas Explosion.

After the battle and the discovery of Glaucus Pharmaceuticals true mastermind, it is assumed Oscar went rogue, and Zenigata is left to search for him.

Physical Abilities

Despite his girlish figure and the heels, is quite a skilled gunman and fighter. He's likes to come up with various plans to catch criminals. He tends very well to disguises, especially if it involves dressing as a woman. (He's fooled a great many people.) Also due to his past as child living on the streets, is a somewhat good pickpocket. (Don't ask him to admit it.)

Superhuman Abilities

None, despite a still near fanatical devotion to the man he loves.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

He does have a small hidden gun with some bullets in the chamber with him.


Pretty as all hell. Looks like an elegant, somewhat masculine lady until he opens his mouth. Moderately tall (or maybe that's thanks to the heels he wears all the time) with black shoulder length curly hair and eyes of the darkest blue. Is lean and cut and has what looks to be a black geometric tattoo on the left side of his bare chest and upper arm. Wears some amount of makeup, and is clearly unashamed of it. His PB is Jaco van den Hoven.


Oscar is a man with lots of cunning and skill and is very, very loyal and devoted if a person manages to touch his heart. Despite this, he does have flashes of very volatile anger and cold ruthlessness. He will do anything it takes to get the job done, even things that aren't acceptable by normal moral standards. He is almost comically polite most of the time. (Possibly to make people forget that most of his life, he's basically been the people the police catch.)


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