Oberyn Martell

Name: Oberyn Martell

Gender: male

Age: 40

Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire



Quick Biography

Oberyn is the third child of House Martell, after brother Doran and sister Elia. He grew up in Dorne in relative peace, very close to his sister if not so much to his brother, and had a relatively normal childhood (those are rare in Westeros). However, Elia married Rhaegar Targaryen and shit started to hit the fan. Rhaegar insulted Elia by crowning Lyanna the Queen of Love and Beauty (a woman who was not his wife). Oberyn would have cheerfully killed him, Elia told him not to, he sulked home. Then Rhaegar ran off with Elia, and Robert's Rebellion started. Oberyn was hobbled by the king's threats to hurt Elia if Dorne moved against him, though he would have rode out alone. He was not permitted, and Elia was raped and murdered by Ser Gregor Clegane in the sack of King's Landing.

Oberyn had to leave Westeros because or else he would have done something really stupid. For example, fight the Mountain. Which he did. And lost. Oops.

He is known as the Red Viper because in a certain duel once upon a time, he fought a lord at the age of 16 after being caught in bed with his mistress, and while Oberyn lost, the lord sickened and died of suspected poison in his wounds.


Wiry, black hair barely touched with gray, an intelligent if slightly pointed face. Classic looking hot older man, though is a bit more pointed than most. His bearing makes him appear taller than he is, though he's certainly not short.


Oberyn is a fast mover. He's curious, intelligent, and very clever, but tends to get bored easily. He jumps into things without looking and has a towering self-confidence bordering on cocky, but not quite, because it's mostly justified. He's playful, articulate, and has a constantly barbed tongue for the unwary. He does not forget or forgive any slight or insult, and is very protective of those he cares for. Yes, to the point of murder. Quick to anger but also quick to be appeased, Oberyn is a passionate, lusty man, full of life and eager to make the most out of every moment of his, damn the consequences.

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