Niko Leandros

Name: Niko Leandros

Gender: Male

Age: 22 + 4

Fandom: Caliban Leandros Series

Journal: ninja_niko

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

Niko and his brother Caliban were born to a Greek-Roma mother who left her Gypsy family to wander the world and ended up broken-down, poor, and alcoholic in New York, living in a trailer and telling cheap fortunes or stealing to get enough to buy booze. Periodically selling her body, she gained two sons, Niko, her firstborn, and then Caliban after a one night sojourn with a demon-like creature known as an Auphe. Since Sophia spent most of her time more than halfway comatose, Nik and Caliban grew up relying on and became very close, depending on each other even more than either of them perhaps realizes. Sophia repeatedly reiterated how little she loved both her sons and especially her youngest, neglecting both of them to the point of practical abuse and only occasionally taking an active role in their lives, mostly by taking the little money Niko earned. Neither Nik nor Caliban had any fondness for their mother, so after Niko got a job, they began saving for escape, buying a car when Cal was fourteen to get out of New York and away from Sophia. See Caliban Leandros' wiki for the rest if you want spoilers.


Tall, handsome, stern, with a big nose and long blond hair which is always in a braid.


Very disciplined, an accomplished fighter trained in sword and martial arts. Niko went to college for a term in what we can only assume to be a medieval history. His sole goal in live is to keep his brother alive - he has unflinching faith in Cal, though he did fall in love with Promise Nottinger, and learned to trust Robin Goodfellow. Otherwise, he's pretty much paranoid about just everything. The downside to his hyper discipline is that it comes with a lot of idiosyncrasies — a strict diet, not drinking tap water, not drinking alcohol (or barely ever), not smoking, not taking pills. He also is very paranoid of just about everyone, and is very slow to trust. He can, however, be warm and caring, once you get to know him. The bottom line is, he'll do just about anything for his little brother — even kill him, if he has to, which he did, once, sort of.


RP Canon

2013 update

Niko’s been…. Well, mostly busy panicking inwardly over Cal’s disappearance, but yay reserves, he’ll be showing up soon, so that’ll be a big thing to play with. That’s kept him most distracted from having lost Jaenelle too, but it will catch up to him eventually.

He’s also lost his sparring partner, so he could do with someone who’s into white weapons as a trainer. Ideally someone who talks a lot, since he’s fairly, well, quiet and understated.

In 2011

Life has been mostly calm for Niko of late, but the below interactions are of note:

  • greeting Mattie Ross and commenting on her survival methods;
  • greeting Spike and deciding that he was a strange brand of vampire worth investigating;
  • to his dismay, he attended the Basement Bar's opening;
  • met Catherine Morland and encouraged her to pursue her studies;
  • comforted his girlfriend when Saetan SaDiablo left;
  • impressed Wendla Bergman with his Mad Ninja Skillz.

In 2010

Not an exhaustive list, typist's memory is not the best, alas. Feel free to poke and amend.

  • Has been mostly trying to avoid harvesting new students and succeeded (with Adrian) but failed (with Utena).
  • Has also apparently gained a friend (?) in Reno , though he's not sure exactly why. And apparently, there's a poker game in the making.
  • Witnessed Tsuzuki's fit of panic when he hallucinated Muraki — long before the Phage showed up.
  • Befriended Celebrian, but then never saw her again, alas.
  • Welcomed Chris Miles, but didn't manage to get him to de-tox, much to his chagrin.
  • Meg Curufin and Daeron, both without consequences.
  • Met Eeyore after Cal tracked him down to make sure it was happening.
  • Is still friends with Fingon, no, really.
  • Still sets Iphigenia in the straight and narrow regularly. This includes protecting her from Melisande Shahrizai and getting stabbed in the gut in the process.
  • Has been geeking about HG Wells with Jaenelle after meeting The Doctor.
  • Met Nina Rosario and got on pretty well with her.
  • Had down to earth conversations with a bleeding Pasha.
  • Spent a strange Halloween by watching Ryuk eat apples.
  • Greeted Seras Victoria.

++++At Ye Olde Mansion
So far, he's been busy getting a bit disturbed by stuff. He managed to owe apologies to Henry Fitzroy, Jaenelle Angelline and Lucivar Yaslana for being extra careful upon first meeting. He's mildly disturbed that little brother Cal got himself a family what with the risks inherent to having a Darkling backdoor, met Anita Blake and decided she was alright, and got annoyed at the lack of teas and juices available. He's also very disturbed to have met a Tolkien Elf in the form of Fingon, whom he agreed he would fight with if it became necessary. He's also had civil conversations with sort of werewolvish people, namely Clayton Danvers and Firekeeper - which is kind of surprising considering his experiences with lycos in New York.

ETA: Cal having been somewhat broken by Raina!Anita, Nik is very PISSED OFF. And sitting on the brother. A lot.

ETA2: Darkling managed to kill Nik. It was made of epic epic fail.

ETA3: Much to his glee, Nik has been snogging Jaenelle Angelline. He's hoping Deamon Saadi won't mind too much. Hm.

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