Name: Nerdanel

Gender: female

Age: don't ask a lady her age.

Fandom: The Silmarillion



Quick Biography

Not much is known of Nerdanel before she did what is either a very stupid or very brave move and married the most troublesome son of Finwe, Feanor. They were in love, okay? Their marriage, while initially passionate and mutually wonderful, cooled gradually after her seven sons were born and began to grow up, as they disagreed on certain parenting methods. When Feanor swore a bad bad oath and left Valinor, Nerdanel stayed behind because she did not agree with his methods (that's the Wisdom part). She asked to keep one of her sons with her, but Feanor refused. Said son was, it is said, to die at Losgar immediately after the ships landed.

Nerdanel stayed in Valinor through all of the First Age and beyond, thus witnessing Finrod's return and no doubt hearing his story, and has aged if not physically certainly mentally. She is a serious Older Woman now, and mostly kept to herself among the elves except close family, because of her family's notoreity. Or maybe also because of her own grief.

Let it never be said that Nerdanel didn't care for her progeny, or her husband.


Red haired, gorgeous firebrand. I'll come back to this later.


Nerdanel is what we call in the fandom a "strong woman." She was the one person Feanor ever listened to, so you can bet she was stubborn. And she raised seven sons with her most valiant effort to get some sense into their heads. It didn't work very well. Nerdanel herself is a canny girl, with strong opinions (that she always agrees with) and while she loves very strongly and tends to be a protective mama, she also refuses to go along with anything she doesn't believe in. Nerdanel: the definition of sensible. At least most of the time.

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