Name: Nellas

Gender: Female

Age: ~70

Fandom: The Silmarillion, also features in the Unfinished Tales and Children of Húrin (though technically all three are part of the same universe)



Quick Biography

Born in the forests of Doriath before Túrin's arrival, assigned by Melian to watch over him, consequently became his childhood companion, later more of a secret watcher and protector who saved Túrin from banishment for his deed against Saeros.

Quotes from The Children of Húrin

But there was a maiden named Nellas, who lived in the woods; and at Melian's bidding she would follow Túrin if he strayed in the forest, and often she met him there, as it were by chance. Then they played together, or walked hand in hand; for he grew swiftly, wheras she seemed no more than a maiden of his own age, and was so in heart for all her elven-years. From Nellas Túrin learned much concerning the ways and the wild things of Doriath, and she taught him to speak the Sindarin tongue after the manner of the ancient realm, older, and more courteous, and richer in beautiful words. Thus for a little while his mood was lightened, until he fell again under shadow, and that friendship passed like a morning of spring. For Nellas did not go to Menegroth, and was unwilling ever to walk under roofs of stone; so that as Túrin's boyhood passed and he turned his thoughts to the deeds of men, he saw her less and less often, and at last called for her no more. But she watched over him still though now remained hidden.


Then Beleg went out, and led in by the hand the maiden Nellas, who dwelt in the woods, and came never into Menegroth; and she was afraid, as much of the great pillared hall and the roof of stone as of the company of many eyes that watched her. And when Thingol bade her speak, she said, 'Lord, I was sitting in a tree'; but then she faltered in awe of the king and could say no more.

At that the King smiled, and said, 'Others have done this also, but felt no need to tell me of it.'

'Others indeed,' said she, taking courage from his smile. 'Even Lúthien! And of her I was thinking, and of Beren the Man.'

To that Thingol said nothing, and he smiled no longer, but waited until Nellas should speak again.

'For Túrin reminded me of Beren,' she said at last. 'They are akin, I am told, and their kinship can be seen by some that look close.'

Then Thingol grew impatient. 'That may be,' he said. 'But Túrin son of Húrin is gone in scorn of me, and you will see him no more to read his kindred. For now I will speak my judgement.'

'Lord King!' she cried then. 'Bear with me and let me speak first. I sat in a tree to look on Túrin to look on him as he went away; and saw Saeros come out from the wood with sword and shield, and spring on Túrin at unawares.'

At that there was a murmur in the hall; and the King lifted his hand, saying: 'You bring graver tidings to my ear than seemed likely. Take heed now for all that you say; for this is a court of doom.'

'So Beleg has told me,' she answered, 'and only for that have I dared to come here, so Túrin shall not be ill judged. He is valiant, but he is merciful. They fought, lord, these two, until Túrin had bereft Saeros of both shield and sword; but he did not slay him. Therefore I do not believe that he willed his death in the end. If Saeros were put to shame, it was shame that he had earned.'

'Judgement is mine,' said Thingol. 'But what you have told shall govern it.'

[The judgement is spoken, and Túrin is pardoned and to be sought to return to Doriath with honour restored.]

But when the doom was pronounced, suddenly Nellas wept. 'Where can he be found?' she said. 'He has left our land, and the world is wide.'


Young, bright-eyed, pointy-eared, in short, elvish. Somewhat nondescript for her people, darkish hair and blue-grey eyes.


Shy and flighty, a little whimsical, trusting once she has a reason, optimistic, devoted, somewhat naive in terms of authority and society, but has a knack for insight into people and some philosophy. Nellas previously harboured a phobia of closed spaces (though not specifically claustrophobia) stemming from the fact that she lived outside for most of her life, but this has changed now that she has learned the Mansion will do her no harm.

RP Canon

Nellas arrived on February 20th, 2010. She met Galadriel, whom she helped tend a sapling and will be taking care of the greenhouse, talked to Eluréd and Elúrin, built a snowman with Duck, had food with Delilah, attached herself to Daeron, met Altra, managed to antagonize Maeglin, and made friends with Iggy, whom she is very fond of and on whose balcony she is currently making a home. All in all, a busy day.

Despite the bewilderment of Iggy's friends and adopted family, she is now his room— or rather, balconymate, took a trip to the attic with him, recovered some old tools, and is now in the process of settling in for good, although the idea of different dimensions and the Mansion being outside anything she knows has been hard on her. All the same, she met Isolde (quite on the wrong foot), Miles Edgeworth (whose car she finds rather abhorrent) and Adaon, whom she is rather fascinated by after their discussion of magic, religion, books, philosophy and knowledge transmission. He reminds her of Túrin, which is not an entirely bad thing in her book.

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