Name: Genevieve "Nara"

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Random Fun Facts:
Nara is surprisingly delightful, in a weird psychopathic way. Sometimes a fantasy writer, sometimes a fanfic porn writer, and sometimes a fantasy porn writer (gettin crazy here), Nara is obsessed with drinking tea and making others drink tea, especially if they are hurt or upset. Tea and hugs heal all wounds. Maybe not all wounds. Some wounds.
27, Female, Shameless, Cheerful, of Questionable Moral Quality. Possesses magical tits capable of making straight girls bi. (Considers this accomplishment one of her primary motivations in life.) Generally hits tags fast and hard (oh baby).
If found, please return to Boulder, Colorado.

Literary Characters

Kushiel's Legacy

Prisoner of Zenda

Shameless Fellow Typist Love

Shar is thrilled that Nara has found her away to Carpe from some ancient place pre-Carpe, because Nara is lovely. And we can't wait to see who else finds their way to the Mansion.

Wil is delighted to have Nara as a fellow player and canonmate! Her writing is exquisite, she's a fabulous partner always on top of the ball, and there is no mystery as to the source of Alcuin's sweetness.

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