Name: Melkor, or Morgoth. Prefers the former.

Gender: Male.

Age: Far older, stronger, than the stone the world is built of.

Fandom: Silmarillion

Journal: big_bad_melkor

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

Morgoth, also known as Melkor, was the greatest of the Ainur. He fell from glory when he disrupted the Music of the Ainur and defied the will of Eru Ilúvatar. Morgoth corrupted many of the Ainur to his allegiance, fought the Valar, and corrupted Arda. His theft of the Silmarils and wars against Elves and Men encompassed much of the history of the First Age. Eventually, Morgoth was bound in chains by the Valar and thrown into the Void, leaving the permanent damage his evils had done, and his servant Sauron, to trouble the world. One day, according to prophecy, Morgoth will rise again and be destroyed in the Dagor Dagorath by Túrin Turambar.
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Morgoth had taken a form great and terrible, and was eventually unable to leave it. Traditionally he was covered head to foot in armor, though this is not specifically stated by Tolkien. He received many scars and wounds over the ages: his hands were burned forever when he touched the Silmarils, Fingolfin wounded him seven times during their battle as well as a wound the foot that caused him ever after to limp, Thorondor scarred his face with his talons.
Morgoth wielded Grond in battle, a weapon he presumably forged himself in Angband (unless Sauron or Gothmog had held it safe after the Siege of Utumno). He also had great mental and physical power, at least in the earlier days, greater than any of the other Valar.


Is *evil* is there anything else to say?
Accomplishments? He disrupted the Music, corrupted Arda, created Orcs, destroyed the Two Trees, stole the Silmarils, took over Beleriand. He's NOT NICE.
He also seems to fail at detecting vampires, unless they poke him. He's a moron, that way.


RP Canon

At Ye New Mansion

To make a long story short!

  • Morgoth met Iskierka and told her to attack the Mansion because there were French people in there.
  • Iskierka obliged and Armand St-Just, Merlin and several others read her the riot act.
  • Meanwhile, Morgoth amused himself by spooking out Maeglin and Feanor, and sending a bunch of golems to put Maedhros out of commission, though none of this was very successful.
  • Iskierka got pissed off and when she saw bodily!Morgoth during her first flight with Tristan, she took an opportunity. Morgoth, meet fire.

(Now pissed off, Morgoth is setting about to hire help and wants to build up his own army of twisted and corrupted abductees, with the help of his allies.

  • There was lack of follow up, but Morgoth fixed that by corrupting a gentle Halloween prank, and made harmless critters monstrous. He also twisted a harmless carnival into a death trap.

At Ye Olde Mansion

Drama llama happened when Pityo (half of Ambarussa) got crackplotted (damn those apples) and convinced Merlin to open the door to the place where Melkor is confined. We're not sure how but it's possible that Merlin was somehow involved int Melkor's banishing from DF and is the Key to his confining place. Fighting blood etc later, Merlin got Pityo out before he got killed, then had to vanish himself before Ptyo killed him.
This left a breach in the void, which Melkor used to exit his prison, this resulting in serious injury to Kvothe and deep depression for Jaenelle Angelline. But he cannot sustain his presence very long in his huge form, so he was breathed back in.
He managed to escape another time, in incorporeal form this time, and had a conference with Morgan le Fay where he ordered her to find out the fate of Merlin, and one with Draugluin whom he instructed to bring him Maedhros' head on a stick.
He also crackplotted the Mansion into an unnatural storm, and made the psychics freak out. That was a complete success.
Morgoth was minding his own business. Really. Making nice Golems and all. Then those pesky Elves and their friends got on his back. So. He broke Lucivar Yaslana's arm, killed Caranthir and one of the Ambarussa (we're not sure which), broke Maedhros's shoulder, a wrist for Angrod and a few ribs for Finrod. He's happy because he managed to take Celegorm with him into the void, and now he has a toy.
Unfortunately, Melkor is an idiot, and in his beating of his toy, he flung him against the entry of the Vortex, effectively throwing him out. So now, he lost his toy, he failed at corrupting him to make him his pawn, and he's pissed off.

ETA: In March 2009, he managed to possess Galadriel for one night, thus forcing people to relive traumas, or to become evil temporarily. It was the best night ever. For him.

ETA2: He seems to be on the way to getting in league with Muraki. This can't end well.

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