Name: Morgana

Gender: Female

Age: Early 20s

Fandom: Merlin

Journal: skepticalmagic

Typist: Spymuses

Quick Biography

Morgana is the natural daughter of Gorlois (see canon point) and spent, from what little canon information we have, a very happy childhood with him. He was killed in battle when she was 10, and thus became the ward of the King. It is the typist's headcanon that Gorlois not one knew about Morgana's abilities, but also conspired with Gaius to keep her safe, should anything happen to him. Of course, Gorlois couldn't know what a hypocritical bastard Gaius would turn out to be.

For a child, particularly a girl, she was extremely well educated, being able to read, write, fence, fight, and do just about anything, really.

Once settled in the royal chambers, Morgana resented the King and all he stood for. Her nightmares are kept a closely guarded secret even though she has been "treated" for them by Gaius for the majority of her life.

Events that affected her most, in-canon are as follows:

  • The arrest and accusation of Gwen as a witch. It is the first time she openly entices Arthur to help her go against Uther, and it is at her doing that Gwen is eventually freed, though she does not take credit.
  • The realization with Sophia, that her dreams are truly prophetic, though she represses this, for the most part.
  • The care of Mordred, the Druid boy. She commits treason to save him, again enlisting Arthur's assistance.
  • The death of Gwen's father. Not only did she give him the key to escape, which would lead to guilt she never confesses to Gwen, but also the break in her relationship with Uther. She the above comment and her coping skills, as, in her mind, Gwen's father was unjustly killed, though not in the same circumstances, as her own father.
  • Arthur's rejection when she tries to warn him of the questing beast.
  • Nearly setting her chambers on fire after a nightmare and accepting she has magic beyond seeing.
  • Being interviewed by the witchfinder.
  • Meeting Morgause, though she does not know of the relationship. She's been given a bracelet that helps her sleep. She wears it all the time.
  • Agreeing to help Alvarr at the urging of Mordred. This resulted in an infatuation, not shared, and the commission of treason to help Alvarr escape.
  • Agreeing, without knowing to what she was agreeing, to help Morgause bring down Uther Pendragon. This resulted in Morgana being the catalyst, unwittingly for a curse, and Merlin poisoning her. At her canon point, she has no idea what happened, and spent her last days in Camelot utterly terrified and confused.
Physical Abilities

Morgana may be tiny, but not incompetent. She can duel with Arthur — canonically the champion — and win, though he won't admit it. Thus, she's well trained in the use of weaponry, and isn't afraid to use it.

Morgana would be skilled in hunting, and also the more "ladylike" arts, such as needlework, and the ability to organize any massive feast like a pro.

Superhuman Abilities

She's a seer, but her nightmares are inconsistent when it comes to seeing danger. She can see things for those she cares for, but not always. She only ever sees terrible things, usually involving impending death.

She has some undeveloped magical abilities, which are totally untrained. She may accidentally set things on fire. Sorry, she didn't mean to. Someone needs to teach her magic.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

She keeps her healing bracelet with her at all times. It's the first effective thing in her life that helps her sleep.


Morgana is a tiny woman (given the time, and the estimation of difference when standing in flat shoes next to Arthur). She's thin, very pretty, though there's an odd contrast with her very dark hair and very pale skin and green eyes. See Katie McGrath.


To begin, it is important to understand that the very basis of Morgana's personality is contradiction. She has the capacity for not only great kindness, bravery, and self sacrifice, but also cruelty, fear, and violence. Whether it is her morality, her disposition, her fears, her relationships with her compatriots or father figures, all elements of her personality are defined by her their contradictory nature.


  • Family: In theory, Gawain, Medraut, Agravain, Melouand Gigalain would count as family. Ish. In an alternate Arthurian reality.
  • Lovers: Steerpike, much to his entertainment.
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating):
  • Friends: Tristan, Katniss.
  • Enemies:
  • Allies: So far, Guinevere, who knows how long that will last? Potentially Frobisher, though he's hardly powerful.
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not):

RP Canon

2011: Morgana arrives, and meets a variety of people. She makes an almost instant connection with a kitchen rat, during her studies of magical things.
She also learns there's a whole other Camelot where people believe she's a not so great person.
Then there was that whole vampire melon thing and wolf pack thing. Really? Morgana's never decided which incident was more odd.

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