Name: momentsplinter

Contact Information: Messaging her on her ooc or pup journals generally works.

Random Fun Facts: Momentsplinter has mad curly hair. Momentsplinter really, really likes to knit. Momentsplinter fangirls everything she likes (Eddard Stark in particular). Momentsplinter lives in a strange southern land known as Australia, which results in timezone differences. Momentsplinter is incredibly lazy.

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Shameless Fellow Typist Love

Wil is here with a bucket of love to pour on Momentsplinter, for loving Ned, letting herself be harassed into picking up an Arthurian obsession, and generally for being funny and sweet and and and.

Shar just wants to say she really enjoys playing off Moment's chars, and looks forward to getting to know their player better as time goes by. And that she shares the Ned love! <3

Nara does not yet know Moment very well, but she soon will, and so far has been impressed by her sweetness and cheer, and very much looks forward to playing with her and her characters.

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