Moira O'Hara

Name: Moira O'Hara

Gender: Female


Fandom: American Horror Story

Journal: reburied

Typist: Shar

Quick Biography

Moira has been the housekeeper for the Murder House for as long as we can tell. While still alive, she once had an affair with Constance's husband, Hugo, due to "feeling lonely". When he tried to advance on her again, she refused him, saying the previous incident was "a mistake". Not happy with the rejection, Hugo forced himself on Moira and attempted to rape her. Constance caught them in the act and murdered them both, shooting Moira through the eye. Sometime after, Constance buried her in the backyard of the House (this is assumed, but not confirmed.) Her soul is now eternally trapped within the house, and she currently works as the housekeeper for the Harmons.

There is tension between Moira and Constance over the incident. Moira has even told Constance that she must eventually "pay for what you've done". Despite this, the two appear to work together for the larger events that occur within the Murder House. Together they get rid of the bodies of the Robert Franklin murder reenacters and Moira prepares strange meals made out of various animal parts (such as brains) that Constance gets for Vivien, convincing her "they're good" for the baby.

The Greek word moira (μοῖρα) literally means a part or portion of the whole, and by extension one's portion in life or destiny, which consisted of bad and good moments distributed by the Fates. The three Moira were demons/goddesses (depending on the Ancient Greek source) who determined every person's moment and manner of death.

Physical Abilities

As stated above, Moira can appear in two separate forms, as an older woman or a younger seductress. Canon would indicate her appearance is determined by the viewer, and not by Moira herself.

Superhuman Abilities

As a ghost, she can't be killed, at least not permanently.

Unusual or Magical Possessions



It has been claimed that to women, she appears as an elderly lady with one working eye (the other is clouded), with less-provocative maid's attire. To men, she appears as a beautiful, unscathed young woman with a skimpy maid's outfit. It is also been stated that women see her as the elderly version of Moira because they see the "nature" of a person, not just what they look like, while men just see her as what they want to see. However, these ideas seem to lack the attention of both character-specific detail and the role of the house. In the first few episodes of the series, it is revealed that the house will "find out what you did and use it against you", and that Ben may just see her as a seductive younger woman because of his guilt of having an affair with one of his students. It has yet to be clarified which of these two possibilities is why Moira's appearances varies between men and women.
"Women tend to see the soul of a person. Men see only what they want to see."~ Moira
Her older PB is Frances Conroy. Her younger version is Alex Breckenridge. Both have distinctive red hair.



Moira's older personality is overall nice and passive. Her younger personality is shameless and seductive.
Both sides of Moira exude a quiet sadness.


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