Misa Amane

Name: Misa Amane

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Fandom: Death Note



Quick Biography

Misa Amane was an up and coming model/idol until some unfortunate and truly strange occurrences changed her life forever. Her parents were killed by a criminal who managed to get away with with the crime. And on her way home from a photo shoot, a stalker attempted to take he life. However during the assault, a shinigami named Gelus was watching the incident. Madly in love with with Misa, he wrote the criminals name in his death note and sacrificed his life for the girl. Another shinigami nearby named Rem watched this happen, she flew down into the human world, and gave Misa Gelus' Death Note. Later on, as Kira started to kill criminals, the man that killed Misa's parents died by Kira's judgment. Feeling grateful to Kira, she searched the owner out. As soon as she saw Light, she pledged her allegiance to him and his cause at all costs. After Light's fall from power, seeing no other choice she committed suicide at the age of 27.


Misa is short, tiny framed and surprisingly young and cute looking for someone in their late twenties. She has shoulder length dyed blond hair, (is actually a natural brunette, and has been faithfully bleaching her hair since she was 14). She has round, expressive brown eyes, and pale skin that she also painstakingly cares for. She is often seen in Punk Lolita style clothes, but will occasionally dress in Gothic Lolita style.


On the surface, it seems like Misa is an energetic, emotional, (and slightly dim witted) woman. But it is suggested that she can be smart, wily, and could use her charming wiles for an advantage. But it's constantly overshadowed by her obsessive devotion to Light and his cause. (As mostly everything else is.) She honestly loves Light sincerely and will do anything he asks of her. It is also suggested that she knows that Light doesn't think anything of her, and is using her, but doesn't care. She also puts a ton of work into her appearance due to her Modeling career.


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  • Lovers: Light Yagami (Likes to think so.)
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RP Canon

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