Miles Edgeworth

Name: Miles Edgeworth

Gender: Male


Fandom: Ace Attorney



Quick Biography

Young Miles Edgeworth greatly admired his father, Gregory Edgeworth, a defense attorney and wanted to grow up to be just like him. In fact, he even defended his later rival, Phoenix Wright, in grade school in a mock trial, proving that his classmate did not steal lunch money. However, tragedy struck later that year, when Miles was only 9 years old. He went to watch one of his father's trials against Prosecutor Manfred von Karma, known for a perfect record of guilty verdicts. Gregory Edgeworth proved that von Karma had actually forged a piece of evidence, and while von Karma still won the case he received his first (and only) penalty. As the Edgeworths and a bailiff left the courthouse via elevator, an earthquake struck and trapped them inside in pitch darkness and thinning air for five hours. In a panic, the bailiff snapped and attacked Gregory for staying so calm, and Miles tried to defend his father by throwing what felt like a pistol, lying at his feet, at the bailiff. A gunshot, and a horrible scream, were the last things Miles heard before he passed out. From then on, Miles would always have a paralyzing fear of earthquakes and, to an extent, elevators. Rescued by von Karma later, the prosecutor charitably took the young Edgeworth under his wing to make him into a perfect successor for the prosecution, convincing Miles that the only way to achieve justice was to get guilty verdicts (with the unspoken assumption that every defendant was a criminal). This charity carried a heavy burden - while the bailiff was charged with the murder of Gregory, Miles always believed he had killed his own father and that von Karma knew. It wasn't until 15 years later that Edgeworth would discover that von Karma was the true murderer and had cruelly fostered those fears. "Choosing death," Edgeworth fled the country to re-evaluate the law and find himself, returning a year later a changed man (and shocking his friends, Wright and Franziska von Karma, who had believed he had committed suicide).


Since then he has been on a quest to find the truth that underlies all mysteries, rather than simply "win" in court. Though still rivals in court, Edgeworth has developed a deeper appreciation and friendship with Phoenix Wright; while he wouldn't admit it, he admires the man and considers him a close friend. He feels the same for the abrasive prosecutor, his adoptive sister, Franziska von Karma and hopes that she, too, will find her way to the truth; regardless, he instinctively fears her whip and will cringe at the sound of a lash, should any other character be carrying one. Another thing he would not admit, because it would be "unprofessional," is that he secretly likes the kids' television show The Steel Samurai, and has a soft spot for dogs (has quite a large one named Pesu/Pess). Plays the flute. Can speak English, Japanese (want to cover both bases), and German (might as well). Drives an expensive red sports car.


5'10", "black hair with a gray sheen" (aka silver bishie hair), flashy wine-colored suit and cravat, almost always a serious face. Good-looking and totally oblivious to it.


Edgeworth is incredibly serious, to the point where his personality is nearly handicapped. He is so involved in seeking truth, justice, and perfection that he is oblivious to his bishie looks, confused as to why the masses swoon. He does hold his fashion in high regard, however, and is known for his signature suit and cravat (toned-down, at least, from his gold- and navy-embellished debut jacket). Edgeworth is a very proud man, but is trying to keep arrogance from hindering his pursuit of justice. Is re-learning the value of true friendship, but is still (adorably) socially awkward in any relationship that surpasses indifferent professionalism. Once he sets his mind to unearthing the truth of a matter, he will pursue it ruthlessly.


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