Name: Mildmay Foxe (Mildmay the Fox), short for 'Mild May Your Sufferings Be At The Hands Of The Wicked. …His mother was in a weird cult when he was born.

Gender: Male

Age: Mid-twenties

Fandom: Doctrine of Labyrinths

Journal: milly_the_fox

Typist: Meg

Quick Biography

Mildmay was born in the city of Melusine, capital of Marathat, the son of a prostitute and one of her Johns. When he was three he was sold to the Theif-Keeper Kolkhis, who trained him as a pickpocket and burglar until he was thirteen. That's when he got into a knife fight with another boy, he was good but the other boy still left Mildmay with a long scar across his face. This left him too noticable to work the streets as a pickpocket but displayed a ruthlessness that led her to begin training him as an assassin. When he was only fourteen she also took him into her bed. Under Keeper's orders and instruction, Mildmay the Fox became an infamous and feared figure of the Melusine underground, the best at what he did. He even killed the dreaded Witch Hunter Extraordinary appointed by the Mirador, the Wizards' tower to hunt down any magic users not part of the Cabal, something that should not have been possible for anyone else. When he was seventeen years old he sickened of this work and rebelled against his Keeper and ran away, setting himself up as a talented cat burglar.

In his early twenties he took a job for a girl named Ginevra, which unexpectedly resulted in crossing legendary Blood Witch Vey Coruscant. He kept in contact with Ginevra and fell in love with her, but after she was killed because of her involvement with the caper his luck took a sharp downward turn until, sick and at the end of his rope, he met a foreign wizard named Marvortian von Heber who, in order to get revenge against an evil wizard needed to find a currently disgraced and mad Caballine Wizard named Felix Harrowgate, who unexpectedly turned out to be Mildmay's half-brother. Having no one else and nothing left to lose, after Felix saves his life he decides to go with his half-brother to find the mysterious Gardens haunting the mad wizard's dreams, where he thinks that he can be healed. They eventually make it there, though in the process Mildmay's leg is damaged because of a curse laid on him back when he killed the Witchfinder. This was crushing to him, having survived all his life on his physical abilities. Felix's mind was healed, but because of the magic involved and initial neglect because of the healers distrusting him, Mildmay's leg became permanently crippled.

Slowly the brothers made their way back to Melusine and the Mirador, though before they arrived Mildmay insisted that Felix work a forbidden piece of magic that would bind them together. It essentially rendered Mildmay Felix's property but would offer him protection, otherwise he feared execution because of the murders and assassinations he'd committed. It worked, but being required to obey orders that Felix backed with the power of the spell threatened to tear the brothers apart as Felix ordered Mildmay to kill Vey Coruscant who'd threatened him. Mildmay succeeded despite his crippled leg, but was captured by Malkar Gennadion, formerly known as Brinvillier Strych, an evil wizard who had an unpleasant history with Felix. He was taken and tortured almost to madness, which took time for Felix and Mehitabel Parr, an actress they'd met on their travels who helped Felix locate Mildmay, to coax him out of. He and Mehitabel subsequently became lovers, though her wandering ways and his tendency toward monogamy eventually tore them apart.


Slightly on the short side, with red hair and vibrent green eyes and bone-white skin. A long, large scar stretches up the left side of his face, distorting his upper lip and stretching up to his temple. It distorts his speech, giving him a slight slur, and most of the nerves on that side of his face are deadened due to an infection in the wound that left the scar. That half of his face doesn't move, and he never smiles…except at people who deserve it. It's a horrifying expression. He thinks of himself as looking like a thug, which he often does due to his stony expression, but when one discounts his scar he is also considered very attractive.


Mildmay…has issues. Mildmay has more issues than The Wall Street Journal and National Geographic. Put together. He's got alternate special limited edition holographic cover issues. Sexual issues, issues from his previous career, abandonment issues, issues with his brother, appearance issues, self-esteem issues… He does work on them though, and tries to work through them. He has a much stronger moral compass than one might expect from an orphaned kept-thief assassin, and tries to do the right thing when he can. He's been conditioned to consider himself stupid and ugly and worthless, and as a result can be too self-sacrificing at times and prone to bouts of depression. He is very shy, though it can be hard to tell shyness from surlyness with him at times. He's kind though, and has a great appreciation for artwork and beauty. He has great difficulty trusting, but when he does he can be intensely loyal and when he loves he loves fiercely.


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