Michelle Benjamin

Name: Michelle Benjamin

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Fandom: Kings / Religious

Journal: lifeinhallways

Typist: Spymuses

Quick Biography

First born (by a few minutes) of King Silas and Queen Rose, Michelle has spent her life being the good child. In her teens, she suffered an illness, which spurred her vow to serve God. It is one she takes seriously, until she meets David, unaware that God's plan for her is David. Always the charitable one, it is her work that brings her, over and over again, to David, eventually falling for him.
Her love for David brings scandal, and she falls pregnant. Less than three months later, she is exiled for alleged treason.
Her first kiss was stolen by a thief, and it's one of her biggest regrets. If only David could be in the thief's place.

Physical Abilities

Michelle has few abilities beyond great diplomacy, and an affinity for looking after others. She can also dance, while making it look like someone else is leading. This might be symbolic.

Trades and skills are fields in which your character has abilities that may come in useful to other characters, such as medicine or carpentry)

Superhuman Abilities

None, except a baby blessed by God.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

See above.


Brunette, petite (5'2), slim, and pretty in a girl next door way.


Having always been in the limelight, Michelle Benjamin can be unfailingly polite, but passionate about her beliefs. She is deeply religious, once vowing to serve God rather than be married. Having survived a life threatening illness, she is aware how precious her life is, but only if it is used to do God's work. She can be the "conscience" of the Benjamin family at times.
She is very close to her father and brother, though the first has exiled her, and the latter wonders if she may take the throne. (She doesn't want it.) Her faith in her family brings about her exile.


  • Family: Unborn child, Jack
  • Lovers: Mike (in dreams)
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating):
  • Friends: She likes to think on Eeyore as a friend, because he's adorable. Parsifal as well, as he took her to pray, without thinking it weird. Shadow, who she calls Mike. Phedre, as she understands religion. Toph and Angelique because of the Mommy club. Brienne's so terribly honourable, how can Michelle resist?
  • Enemies:
  • Allies: Galadriel: world's scariest (in the do not disagree with me way) midwife
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not):

RP Canon

Michelle arrives, met Captain Jack, and Verrity, and got settled. Meeting not only Verrity, and Cairn, but also a couple pregnant women, has put her at ease about this place. Very quickly, she found friends and protectors in Brienne and Shadow. She also found a midwife, Galadriel.
Michelle's made fast friends with some of the new mothers, Angelique in particular, and was rather honoured to be there to help, even in the smallest way, during the birth of Gabriel Stark.
Upon the arrival of her brother, Michelle has a freak out of epic proportions, and took refuge, up a tree, in Caranthir's house. Mike's also come with her. Michelle's attached to Mike in all sorts of ways, though is still under the belief that David will always stay loyal to her, which prevents other things. Fortunately, dreams helps this problem sort itself, for now.
Her brother's presence scares her, in as much as it's taken away the feeling of sanctuary, and she doesn't know what to expect from him. While pregnant, she's chosen to stay away from Jack, as it's more for the baby's protection than her own.

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