Mia Fey

Name: Mia Fey

Gender: Female

Age: 27 when taken from canon. (Would have been in her early thirties if she lived.)f

Fandom: Ace Attorney

Journal: advisorattorney

Typist: pashchan

Quick Biography

Born into a prominent family of Spirit Mediums, Mia was originally supposed to become Master of her home Village by succession. However, her Mother (and Master of the Village) was shunned for the DL-6 incident and cast out of the village. Wanting to know the truth and wanting to clear her mothers name, she descended down the mountains with the goal of becoming a lawyer.

After some years of law school, she eventually landed a spot in the Grossberg lawfirm and was mentored by Diego Armando, a fellow defense attorney. (And later boyfriend.) Mia's first case involved an escaped convict known as Terry Fawles, who was charged with the murder of a Police Sergeant named Valerie Hawthorne. During the trial, Mia managed to prove that an 'eyewitness' actually murdered Valerie. Her name was Melissa Foster. (Also known as Dahlia Hawthorne). However, since Dahlia planned for Fawles to take the fall for her, he committed suicide by poison on the stand. The indent deeply disturbed Mia and she didn't take another case for a year.

During that time, she and Diego became a couple and were happy together. However, Diego was also investigating Dahlia at the time, during an interview with her, she poisoned his coffee. Diego survived the poisoning attempt, but was in a coma. Mia mourned Diego, but decided to return to court and win, for him.

The case in question involved the Murder of an Ivy University student named Doug Swallows, a then college-aged Phoenix Wight was Mia's client. Mia took the case because she suspected Dahlia and her connection to Diego's poisoning. During the trial, Fey was able to get Wright an acquittal by proving that Dahlia Hawthorne had killed Swallow to cover up the fact that she had poisoned Armando. Dahlia was sentenced to death by hanging.

Over the next three years, Mia founded her own law firm and hired her former client Phoenix as an apprentice. During this time, she discovered more facts about her mothers fall, as it turned out, a company named Bluecorp leaked her mother's involvement in DL-6 to the press and had been blackmailing many others per the leadership of Redd White. Also during the time, she oversaw Phoenix's first case win as a Defense Attorney.

One month after Wright's first trial, Redd White learned about Mia's investigation of him, so he visited the Fey & Co. Law Offices and killed her with a statue. Her sister, Maya was meant to visit at that time. More information about Mia Fey can be found here.

Physical Abilities

Mia is an Attorney, so physical fighting isn't really part of her talents. Most likely has the strengths of an average woman.

Superhuman Abilities

Being of the Fey line of women, she has the power to channel spirits, however in canon, she is never shown to have that ability. Typist is guessing that she does have the potential, but simply doesn't have the raw talent that her sister or young cousin has. So she is mostly Vanilla.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

Mia wears a Magatama, a special talisman that most Kurain Village members wear. It is said that if a being spiritually attuned to it wears one and gives it to someone, the person can see the lies that come from a humans mouth. Mia usually never parts with hers however, as it reminds her of her family that she left behind on the mountains.


Is unusually pretty and young for a defense attorney. Is roughly 5'6 with long, dark straight brown hair and round brown eyes. Has a beauty mark on the left side of her chin. Her body is *very* well-developed, however she doesn't see any big deal about it.


One word to describe Mia is determined. As Phoenix's mentor, she passed on his dogged determination in cases and bluffing tactics to him. (Also, actions in court. Including that infamous pointer finger and the desk slam.) Clever and quick-thinking, she often took the most impossible cases if she felt that the client was innocent. She would stubbornly try to find any way necessary to get the information that she needed to obtain control of the trial. She often has a problem with names of people she just met. She also *REALLY LOVES* her younger sister, Maya. Overall, she's mostly pleasant to be around… (lest you be a criminal… or Dahlia Hawthorne.)


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