Name: Meru

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Fandom: Legend of Dragoon (game)



Quick Biography

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Physical Abilities

She actually is quite strong for her size, wielding a hammer that's nearly her own height - definitely stronger than the average human standard. She is also a skilled dancer.

Superhuman Abilities

She can fly. It takes a lot out of her, but she can actually summon small jet-like wings powered by her spirit energy (sort of like a jet pack) to lift her short distances. However, it is a very weak and draining power, so she can't use it much. Her spirit is also very in-tune with others and she can sense emotions to an extent - nothing as strong as River Tam's abilities, but she will definitely pick up particularly strong feelings like malice.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

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She looks fragile at a petite 5'1", but her thin frame hides a surprising strength. Meru is pale, has long, light blue hair pulled up in a ponytail with a large blue ribbon, and striking red eyes. She wears a rather revealing dancer's costume.


Meru is a very bubbly and energetic teenager who loves to have fun. She does tend to butt against authority and rules, but has a good heart. She's seen a lot in her short life, though, so she is more mature than she lets on and can get quite serious at times. Believes in fantasy and true love.


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RP Canon

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