Name: Merlin Ambrosius, Myrddin Wyllt, Merlinus Caledonensis, or just Merlin

Gender: Male

Age: Looks middle-aged, but is old, probably immortal.

Fandom: Arthurian Legend

Journal: myrddin_wyllt

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

There are many a suppositions on the matter of Merlin, of them, that he is a crazy bard, or a madman living a wretched existence in the Caledonian Forest. Nonsense.
Merlin is very certainly the product of the coupling of an incubus, or a devil, with a human woman. Whether he was intended to be an antichrist, or not, is left to interpretation, but one way or the other, he manages to stay the good guy. The demonic legacy invests Merlin with a preternatural knowledge of the past and present, which is supplemented by God, who gives the boy a prophetic knowledge of the future.
The story of Vortigern's tower is well known; the underground dragons, one white and one red, represent the Saxons and the British, and their final battle is a portent of things to come. Later, Merlin's magic enables Uther Pendragon to enter into Tintagel in disguise and father his son Arthur on his enemy's wife, Igraine and Merlin creates Stonehenge as a burial place for Aurelius Ambrosius, Uther’s brother.
Merlin's prophetic aspects were sometimes de-emphasized in favor of his role as an elder advisor to Arthur.
However, in Lancelot-Grail, it is said that Merlin was never baptized and never did any good in his life, only evil. Non-sense. What do THEY know of the grander scheme of things? says Merlin. Medieval Arthurian tales abound in inconsistencies.
In the Lancelot-Grail and later accounts Merlin's eventual downfall came from his lusting after Nimue, one of the maidens serving the Lady of the Lake, who coaxed his magical secrets from him before turning her new powers against her master and trapping him in an enchanted prison (variously described as a cave, a large rock, an invisible tower, etc.) This is unfortunate for King Arthur, who has lost his greatest counselor.


Well, since Merlin is a shapeshifter of sorts, he can look like what he wants. He'll usually look though like a rugged man in his mid-fifties, strong but not warrior-looking, of imposing stature and gaze. His eyes can shift from very old expressions to youthful mischievousness without a hitch. When he gets angry, the wind rises around his robes (which, by the way, are usually brownish and ornamented with feathers, beads, stones, and other odd items.) He has taken to smoking the pipe — a long object which exudes smoke rings that smell of clove and tobacco. This form has been dubbed by the typist Man-Merlin.
If Merlin is distracted, the smell might be faintly noted by fine noses, even though he is pointedly assuming an inconspicuous form.


Merlin has the power to shapeshift, prophecize, and in general, do stuff that wizards do. That makes things very interesting, since he has a joking personality, despite his evident wisdom and unnatural knowledge of the world.
Oh, and he likes tea. A lot. He is constantly offering it to people - and sometimes, because he is whimsical, he likes to permute it at the last minute. (Ask Kay or Sagramore if you have a doubt, they'll tell you all about it.)
He is caring and quite grandfatherly in his ways, and rarely calls people by their name, usually calling them lad, lass or something equivalent. He has been qualified of meddling old fool, and it is certainly deserved, but his actions are always well-meaning, and usually quite handy, if their recipient is willing to accept his help.
It has appeared in recent events that the forms he takes affect his demeanor, if not his personality somewhat. (Kid-Merlin is a pack of adorable, Boy-Merlin is a smart and cheeky kid, Dog-Merlin is dorky and has a short attention span, Bird-Merlin is shy and quiet and Bear-Merlin is just a little gruffer than Man-Merlin.)


RP Canon

In 2011

Merlin's time in 2011 has been spent, as the winter went by, blowing snow off his driveway and Parsifal's, and sheltering Sebastian while he was seething. He visited Neville 's greenhouse, who tried to introduce him to Harry Potter, but Harry was somewhat indisposed.

Merlin also greeted a couple new people Mr. Jacquel and Millicent Bulstrode, with more pleasure for the former than for the latter. He was also happy to see that Kvothe was still around.

At Ye New Place (2010)

Merlin has mostly been staying out of trouble — people he's been speaking to quite a bit include the dragon Iskierka, Queen Isolde.

He's been growing fond (in a fatherly fashion) of Asato, whom he tried to get through his heat without things getting dodgy, and has been trying to help Miles Edgeworth adapt to his arrival. Merlin has also been trying to pick up Muraki 's trail since the night of the blood moon (and has spoken to an army of people to that effect) and worrying about the implication of Iskierka 's revenge on Morgoth.

In the midst of that, he seems to have yet again lost a hutmate, though it seems his room is already being coveted by another . In other words: Merlin noticed Adaon 's disappearance and blamed it on the Mansion. Asato moved in after he got caught in heavy rain, and it seems that Merlin, Asato and Sebastian are getting along well enough. Merlin also tried to explain Things to Iskierka , without much success.]]]

People he's met in 2010: Tony Foster, Iskierka, Adaon, Miles Edgeworth, Isolde, Parsifal, Stark, Neville, Enide, Genkai, Uther, Hisoka, Meru, Tom Yarbro, Adaon, Altra, Armand St. Just (novel), Asato, Tsuzuki, D'Eon (and Lia) de Beaumont, Daeron,Isolde of Ireland, Maximilien Robespierre, Nerdanel, Draco Malfoy, Medraut, Fuchsia.

He's also responsible for kiddifying several Mansion dwellers for the first snow of 2010.

Note: Merlin has had lots going on in 2010, typist is feeling lazy. If you feel that something in particular needs to be mentioned, feel free to edit this section!

At Ye Olde Place

The Enchanter has in fact been at the Mansion for a very, very long time, though he only recently manifested himself, probably in preparation of events which have yet to occur. He chooses to reappear in the kitchen, calmly having tea and smoking his pipe, and receives, much to his mischievous delight, a great deal of attention from the Mansion's passing guests, many of them his fellow Arthurians (Dinadan, Morvydd, Kay, Sagramore, Gareth, Lancelot and Morgan le Fay). There relationships seem mostly to have remained as of old, and his return suggests conflicts with Morgan will continue.
New acquaintances to Merlin, with whom he is bound to share debates/discussions of a metaphysical nature include John Constantine, Jaenelle Angelline, James Potter Jr., Marius de Romanus, Great Aunt Repetitus and the White Queen. He has decided, resolutely, that he likes Severus Snape — though these two are of radically different personalities.
He also met Firekeeper, and, while in wolf form, found that he was, despite his ancient age, quite a horndog - poor FK was very disgruntled, much to the typist's delight. The same day, he turned the poor thing into a bird. Erhem. The old geezer really knows how to make friends.
He has also been spying on Morgan le Fay and Mordred. His more concrete actions, though, have been to erase from Gareth's memory the fact that Gaheris killed Morgause, that the other three knights killed Lamorak, and that Lancelot killed him and Gaheris. He has also decided to take Johanna Todd under his wing, though she probably doesn't know it just yet, and has given her a blue butterfly as a keepsake.
Recently, Merlin has been very concerned over the Plothole's fits, and encouraged Rosencrantz's attempt at making the plothole forgive the Mansion's guests and come back, though it resulted in the typist crackplotting him as he reverted to a much younger, intelligent, but bratty and purple-slobbering, pipe-smoking self.
He also has taken a liking to Lynette and hopes he can help her with her jumbled mind. To that effect, he introduced her to Jaenelle Angelline with whom he is on good terms.
While he has resolved to keep an eye on the Mansion, and will be visiting regularly, Merlin has now taken up residence in the woods - though out of both Orkney and Camelot territory, and is waiting to the remainder or the elements to unfold.
As a recent confrontation with Mordred seems to suggest, he's not done having problems. Very disturbed by the encounter he is now actually TRYING not to meddle. He can't help it, though. He's glad Ilmarinen is his neighbor, though.
He spent a while afterwards in his hut, doing nothing but read Dostoyevsky. He only came out of his retreat for a few specific errands: to replenish his reading (and meet Kvothe in the process) and to fix Caliban Leandros' memories - but how long that lasts leaves to be determined. He is very disturbed by the fact that he couldn't prevent Alyosha's crackplot apples from breaking the Eyren Prince Lucivar Yaslana, with whom his relationship is a bit befuddling - they call each other "my boy" and "gramps" respectively.
He isolated himself in his hut, to work on a special project, but not before he meddled once more, to direct Buzz Hauser to Anita Blake, and conjure some AZT for him. How Peredur came to find him is beyond us but it's good because now he can flail at someone, and whether he will indeed take a third pupil in Kvothe is yet to be determined.
More drama llama happened when Pityo (half of Ambarussa) got crackplotted (damn those apples) and convinced him to open the door to the place where Melkor is confined. We're not sure how but it's possible that Merlin was somehow involved in Melkor's banishing from DF and is the Key to his confining place. Fighting blood etc later, Merlin got Pityo out before he got killed, then had to vanish himself before Pytio killed him. He was so exhausted that he landed in the Mansion's common room, 12 hours ahead in time, and just on time to be cursed by Morgause with a manflu.
Currently being put back together by Lynette,Alyosha and Jaenelle Angelline. He did not get killed by Lucivar Yaslana at this point, but Lucivar was kinda pissed at him - they made up, though. Looks like they're friends, much to Merlin's surprise..
He's still working on helping Lynette - possibly by giving her a reprieve and access to flight, but he's more and more bent on retiring from active life as a meddler. Lucivar thinks it's funny.
He and Felix Harrowgate seem to hate each other, for now, and John Childermass is displeased with him regarding Lynette's situation.
But there was a a breach in the void, which Melkor used to exit his prison, this resulting in serious injury to Kvothe and deep depression for Jaenelle Angelline. But he cannot sustain his presence very long in his huge form, so he was breathed back in before he killed anyone.
Melkor managed however to escape another time, in incorporeal form this time, and had a conference with Morgan le Fay where he ordered her to find out the fate of Merlin, whom he had sent a vicious attack to. The wizard indeed was left in a half-shifted coma, and remained in the care of Great Aunt Repetitus for a month or so. He's back now but a bit weak, and talking to 10-year old King Arthur, getting growled at by Lucivar, and being happily reunited with his friends Jaenelle and Kvothe.

ETA: In the wake of Daeron's failings, he inherited a new housemate and is rather pleased with that.

ETA2: He now has a second housemate, Sebastian. He also turned Paulinka into a cat, which cause much more trouble than he expected. He's gone back to being a hermit, though Goewin visits on occasion, much to his glee.

ETA3: Daeron left without warning, causing some drama, but their friendship seems to be on the mend. In the meantime, there are still two hutmates, as Adaon opted to stay at Merlin's hut when he arrived.

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