Name: Melou

Gender: Male

Age: Angsty teenager (17 when he arrived, now 19)

Fandom: Arthurian Legend

Journal: daddyissuesjnr

Typist: momentsplinter

Quick Biography

The eldest son of Mordred, and thus King Arthur's grandson. Led a not terribly eventful life up until Mordred, who was left in charge of Britain while Arthur was off at war, decided to take over Arthur's kingdom. All was fine and dandy (and Melou was quite happy being the heir to the throne) until Arthur came back to reclaim said kingdom. Mordred left his two sons at Winchester when he went to lead his army against Arthur's at ~the battle of Salisbury Plain~. Mordred was killed in the battle (so was Arthur, but Melou did not care about that). Much angst and anger was had.

Melou and his younger brother set out to claim the kingdom after their father's death. They didn't encounter much resistance, since everybody's armies had been killed at Salisbury. In a short time all the noble men had paid them homage.

Lancelot was not very happy about this, however. He brought an army over from Gaunes. Melou, his brother, and their men fought Lancelot's forces at Winchester. Melou and his brother were both killed in the battle (Melou by Bors, the younger brother by Lancelot), and their men fled.

Physical Abilities

~Trained in arms~. He's a decent fighter, with a bit of talent, but nothing superhuman or particularly amazing.

Also, he has had far too much practice getting into fistfights.


Average height (maybe slightly above average height, if you squint). Taller than his father, which is by far the most important thing to know. A little more heavily built than average, but only a little. Medium brown hair. Often wears a srs or grumpy expression.

He has a large, very noticeable scar, thanks to the guy who split his head open down to the teeth. It's a line that's visible from the top of his forehead, running down roughly in the centre of his face, ending at his bottom lip. There's more of it hidden under his hair.


Melou is about as stubborn as stubborn gets. He hates being told what to do, and almost never does what he's told. He doesn't back down from arguments (seriously, ask his father), and is generally a stubborn thing of stubbornness.

He is very ~emotional~, prone to extremes of angst and RAEG (mostly RAEG). He isn't very good at dealing with either of these (meaning: he mopes a lot and often punches people). His RAEG is a very rash, uncontrollable sort of RAEG, so he can often be found yelling at people, punching people, and generally losing his cool.

He is very confident (which can be useful when it's not making him incredibly cocky). He also has an enormous ego. He likes to be in charge, because when he is charge, people do what he wants them to do, which he thinks is the correct way of things. Can be bossy, needless to say.

He's not warm or friendly. He's sometimes polite, but it's a stiff sort of politeness. He is also overly serious and prone to grumpiness.

tl;dr: He is an angstygrumpypants and a huge drama llama.


RP Canon

(What's happened to them in previous RPs, and since they arrived here)

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