Melisande Shahrizai

Name: Melisande Shahrizai

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Fandom: Kushiel's Legacy



Quick Biography

She tries to take over the kingdom of Terre d'Ange several times via treachery and manipulation. She is foiled every time by the persistent Phedre. She gets pretty sick of it, too.


"To describe Melisande Shahrizai is, as the poets say, to paint a nightingale's song; it is a thing that cannot be done. She was three-and-twenty years of age at the time, though time never seemed to touch her, either way it flowed. If I say her skin was alabaster, her hair a black so true it gleamed blue where the light touched it, her eyes a sapphire that gemstones might envy, I speak only the truth; but she was a D'Angelline, and this only hints at the beginning of beauty." - Kushiel's Dart, by Jacqueline Carey. Now missing the ring finger on her left hand and several sets of scars, most visibly crossing her face and under her chin. She's still far more beautiful than anything, but a bit less perfect.


Manipulative, sadistic, nasty, treacherous, clever. And kickass awesome.

RP Canon

Melisande has found plenty of entertaining people in the DF Mansion, first among them Hedda Gabler, whom she is seducing very definitely. She also disconcerted Draco Malfoy and flirted with Rupert of Hentzau. She has not, thus far, made any commitments, killed anyone, or made treasonous plots. Pity. She has, however, died, and had her eyes stolen by one Maharet. It was rather unpleasant. The recent arrival of Phedre no Delaunay has both surprised and delighted her, but timeline discontinuities have made their conversations exceedingly confusing.

She has since been delighted by Phedre's acceptance of an assignation with her, and quite thoroughly intrigued by Caranthir, seeming to be aiming to make him into a weapon for her. We'll see how that goes. She continues to be terrified of vampires while insisting firmly that she is not, dammit, and has no idea what you're talking about. :|

As it turns out, Melisande coerced Caranthir into killing Elrond and taking his ring for her, killed Caranthir and was killed by Pandora. Nastily. She's already come back twice and been killed for her trouble, once in a revenge killing by a pair of brothers, and once by Celebrimbor in retaliation after she cheated and knifed an unsuspecting Celegorm (sort of).

She's since come back even angrier and sneakier, made an alliance with Steerpike on agreeing to deal with his own enemies (Kvothe and Bast) and plans to get back at those damn Elves and hard.

Until that happens, she and her unlikely ally are sharing a cottage, out of sight, but not out of mind. With some kidnapping, murder, and getting chewed on by wolves in between. Her alliance with Steerpike seems to be suffering, unfortunately, under the influence of Iphigenia.

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