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Random Fun Facts: Meg is quite boring, really. The most exciting stuff she does is the art and fics that she puts up on her writing journal.

A bad habit of hers is replying to almost all comments via email. This means if you jump into a thread at a point where there will not be a notification sent to her, a friendly poke will probably be necessary so that she knows the comment exists. She's not ignoring you, she just doesn't know that you're there. ^^;

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Shameless Fellow Typist Love

We love you, Meg. Don't change. Also - would you knit us a sweater ? XD - Also. You are an outstanding ETA member. Grats! - Wil

MEG. ….weaselpants. *snicker* Self control? What's that? -Lise

Meg sews pretty prezzies and writes fun people. She's also one of my oldest Internet friends. The world would be a lot smaller without her around. - Sam

Marvellous mun of many marvellous puppets! - Elleth

Once upon a time, there was a place called Desperate Fans, where Nara met Meg, and has forever remembered her fondly as the most steadfast, trustworthy and genuinely good person. We are lucky to have her at Carpe, and I have always been glad to count her as a friend. - Nara

I have no idea how I've failed to leave you loff, but better late than never. I pretty much adore every character on your cast list, and love to tag with you! ~ Shar

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