Manuel Lorimer

Name: Manuel Lorimer

Gender: Male

Age: ~17 and a half

Fandom: October Daye Series

Journal: pixiesweat

Typist: momentsplinter

Quick Biography

There's not a whole lot of detail about Manuel's early life. He was born to a human father and fae mother, and at some point would have had to make the Changeling's Choice. Changelings are born with an instinctive control over their magic, but this starts to fail as they get older. Changelings are only allowed to live in the human world until this 'baby magic' starts to fail, at which point, to avoid detection and keep the fact that faeries are real a secret, they're made to choose between humanity and fae. If they choose fae, they get whisked off to live in the Summerlands, and an accident is staged to make it look to the human world like they were killed in a fire, or a car accident, or whatever. If they choose human, they just get murdered. Manuel obviously chose the first option, since he was not dead. So, he would have ended up living in the Summerlands with his mother and younger sister, Dare, and any human relatives he might have had would have no idea he was still alive.

Later on, their mother dies, and with nowhere else to go, Dare and Manuel end up back in the human world, working for a changeling named Devin. Devin was a rather shady man who ran a rather shady establishment called Home, where Manuel and his sister were trained in the ways of being petty criminals. Devin was also a complete and total abusive bastard.

Manuel lived on the streets like this for years, until Evening Winterrose (a fairly influential faerie countess who had helped spare Devin and Home from the wrath of the queen) was murdered, and October Daye shows up at Home to ask Devin for help investigating the murder. Lots of stuff happens, and Toby figures out it's actually Devin who's behind it. She comes back to Home to confront (read: kill) him, but Manuel pulls a gun on her and stops her. Devin orders him to shoot her, and just as he's about to, Dare jumps on him and knocks him down to save Toby's life. Devin kills Dare for disobeying him, and then Manuel shoots Devin dead.

Afterwards, Manuel's taken in by October's liege lord, Duke Sylvester Torquill of Shadowed Hills. He works as a servant at Shadowed Hills for a year and four months, nursing a grudge against Toby (who he irrationally blames for his sister's death), and avoiding her at all costs.

Oleander de Morelands hatches a plan to assassinate the Duke and Duchess of Shadowed Hills and frame Toby for the murders. She teams up with Rayseline, the duke's daughter, and they manipulate Manuel into helping them by promising him vengeance for his sister's death. When their plan to have Toby wrongfully imprisoned and executed fails, Oleander sends Manuel to assassinate Toby and take out Rayseline's husband while he's at it. He fails. He is a seriously, seriously bad assassin. Toby hugs him and lets him cry on her shoulder for a while, which makes Manuel forgive her completely. Toby tells him that Oleander is planning to kill Sylvester and his wife, Luna, and Manuel is shocked. Oleander and Rayseline had lied and told him they were only planning to go after Toby, and he was stupid enough to believe them. Toby works out from what Manuel tells her that Oleander's about to go after the duke, and they run to save him. When they get there, Oleander pulls out a knife, and Manuel runs in and knocks the duke out of the way to save his life. He gets stabbed in the process. In the chest. With a knife coated in deadly poison. Sylvester knights him while he's dying, and then, obviously, he dies.

Physical Abilities

Like all Devin's kids, Manuel learnt to fight, but he's not particularly good at it. He's okay at it, but a well-trained fighter could easily kick his ass. He knows his way around weapons (guns and knives, that is), but once again, his skills are very average.

He also has shady thief skills, like hotwiring cars and picking locks and such, but whether or not they will ever be any use at the Mansion is another thing.

Superhuman Abilities

Manuel is a changeling, which, in his canon, means someone who's half human and half fae. In his case, he's part human, part Piskie, and part Tylwyth Teg. This means a lot of things, and the typist is going to do this in dot point form so she won't be here forever.

  • He can perform magic, obviously, but since he's half human, his magic isn't very strong.
  • Has the rather interesting Tylwyth Teg ability to fly… by sitting on something and making it levitate. And that something has to be made at least partly from yarrow. The Tylwyth Teg are weird.
  • Doesn't have any special abilities from his Piskie blood, due to there being very few details about them in canon, but that's where he gets his shininess from.
  • Everyone's magic has a particular scent; Manuel's smells like cinnamon.
  • Changelings aren't immortal like pureblooded fae, but can still live up to a few centuries (though Manuel's already dead, so in his case, that doesn't really matter). As a result, they don't always age at quite the normal rate, and the typist is headcanoning that Manuel's aging slowed down a bit over the last year or so, because she wants to keep him adorable and baby-faced forever.
  • Like most fae in his canon, Manuel is nocturnal. And hence has excellent night vision. And it's also very unlikely that you'll be able to run into him during the day.
  • He has a weakness to iron. Iron poisoning is bad and frequently fatal.
  • Animals are generally afraid of him, except for cats. Cats like the fae.
  • He heals faster and is generally a bit sturdier than a regular old human, but he's not superhuman by any means. To heal an injury he has to actually be able to survive it, and pretty much anything that will kill a human will kill him, too.
  • He has a weakness to the dawn. Dawn has a sort of anti-magic effect, and breaks small enchantments (aka basically everything Manuel is strong enough to cast). This can result in awkward situations when you're trying to pass as human and your magical disguise suddenly disappears. It's also painful and temporarily incapacitating, though not actually dangerous to his health, and it renders him unable to use magic for a short amount of time. (Five to ten minutes, maybe).
Unusual or Magical Possessions

None. The only thing he's bringing with him is some bloodstained and completely ruined servant's livery.


Manuel looks to be about sixteen years old, maybe seventeen, if you squint really hard and stretch the truth. (He is actually seventeen, but faeries don't always age at quite the normal rate. He's slowed down a bit in the last year or so). An educated guess by his typist would put his height at about 5'10, and he has the thin, lanky build of a growing teenager. He's quite pretty (one of the benefits of being a faerie), and has a vaguely puppydog expression on his face, most of the time. Even when he was a street thug, he didn't look very much like a street thug.

Much of how he looks depends on whether or not he's wearing an illusion that allows him to pass for human. Without it, he's very obviously, er, not human. His hair (which is long, and generally worn tied back in a rough ponytail) is a shade of glossy gold too bright to be human, and his eyes are an inhumanly bright apple-green. His ears are sharply pointed, and because he's part pixie, he's generally more or less covered in pixie-sweat: that is, a fine, glittery, golden dust that actually glows and gives off light. So he'd be really easy to spot in a dark room. He often leaves a noticeable trail of pixie-sweat behind him when he moves, but the stuff dissolves pretty quickly, so you don't have to worry about him getting glitter in your carpet.

Most of the time, though, none of these obviously-not-human attributes will be visible. Unless he's around other fae (which, at the Mansion, will be practically never), he wears a human disguise; which is, not surprisingly, a spell that makes him appear human. It dampens the colours of his hair and eyes to believably human levels, though he still has startlingly blond hair and eyes so green they can be slightly unnerving. It makes his ears appear regular, rounded, and human, and stops the shiny gold dust from being visible.

But, of course, the illusion only works perfectly on regular humans, and with so many supernatural types at the Mansion, it's not going to fool everybody. In his canon, other faeries can't usually see through illusions, but said illusions tend to glitter and shimmer strangely, so they can tell that they're there. The typist would assume that that's how it would appear to most run-of-the-mill supernatural types: they wouldn't be able to see what Manuel really looks like, but they might notice some strange shimmers and that there's something not quite right about his appearance. Of course, depending on the supernatural abilities in question, it might make more sense for someone to see right through his illusions, or catch glimpses of what he really looks like, or something else entirely. Whatever fits best is fine with the typist. The above description is by no means a hard and fast rule — it's just a guideline so people can tell what they're doing.

Also, to people with more supernaturally attuned senses, he may smell faintly of cinnamon.


Personality wise, Manuel is very much still a kid. A traumatised, attention-starved kid. After everything he's been through and all the people he's lost, he's desperate for affection and approval from anyone, and this makes him woefully easy to manipulate. He'll believe practically anything you say if you just pay attention to him. This is what made it so easy for Oleander and Rayseline to get him to go along with their evil plans. He actually believed them when they told him they weren't really going to kill the duchess, they were just poisoning her to get her out of the way for a little while. He can be rather naive sometimes, even after everything he's been through. After hearing about Evening Winterrose's death, he started talking about how he wished they had have known so they could have got there just in time to save her life. Or something like that.

He's also not very tough. As in, a total woobie. The typist swears he spends about 50% of his time in the books crying about one thing or another (though, after all the horrible things he's been through… that's not exactly a surprise). He doesn't do very well in fights and other such dramatic situations. He tends to get startled and confused and frightened, and do silly things like crying and/or going into shock. He also doesn't really have it in him to seriously hurt someone. He would never have gone along with Oleander's evil plot if he knew she was planning to kill Sylvester and Luna, and the typist suspects his failure to assassinate October Daye and Connor O'Dell was largely due to the fact he couldn't bring himself to do it, and hesitated. The typist doubts he even came up with the idea of getting revenge on his own; Oleander and Rayseline probably put it into his head. Also, he was very, very hesitant to shoot Toby that one other time he tried to kill her. He also doesn't have a very strong personality, not like his sister. He's easily thrown, embarrassed, and intimidated by other people. Or by anything, really. And he never argued with Devin's orders the way Dare did. He also has far more common sense than his sister did; he seems to, in most situations, be fairly good at not unnecessarily pulling a weapon, escalating a fight, or saying stupid things and pissing people off. He's actually quite a nice kid, if you ignore the 'petty criminal' and 'was involved in a plot to assassinate people' parts. (He was forced and manipulated into both of those! He's a sweetheart, really!) He actually smiles quite frequently, when he's not being crushed by angst, and it's not really in his nature to be sullen. The sullenness does happen, of course, since his entire life was horrible and sad. It's just not his default setting. He even does nice things like apologizing for his sister's bratty behaviour.

He's also very much a subordinate, and someone who's used to taking orders. He can be a bit formal sometimes, like a well-trained little soldier. He practically never argues; Devin taught all his kids that submission was a virtue, and it's just not in his nature to be confrontational. And, like most of Devin's kids, Manuel's good at taking orders, but doesn't do so well when he has to figure out what to do on his own. He'll probably feel a bit lost at the Mansion with nobody telling him what to do.

He does have a tendency towards anger, and a bit of a temper, though it's not generally roused by people being nasty to him. The thing he's sensitive to is people saying anything remotely bad about the people he cares about. Though, as previously mentioned, he does have some common sense, and won't usually do anything worse than glaring and maybe saying something slightly rude. It is possible to provoke him to the point where he'll say utterly awful things and even start using his fists, but it's very difficult. He also tends to react to traumatic life experiences by becoming deeply angry and harbouring huge, sometimes totally irrational grudges. He will probably spend a lot of time at the Mansion thinking about how much he hates Oleander and Rayseline (though, considering the circumstances, that might be a pretty rational grudge to have).


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