Name: Maledisant

Gender: Female

Age: Late teens or early twenties?

Fandom: Arthurian Legend

Journal: trolololdamsel

Typist: momentsplinter

Quick Biography

We don't know much about Maledisant's early life. Or anything at all, really. What we do know is, once she was grown up, she spent a lot of time riding around with a black shield, looking for a knight tough enough to carry it and complete her quest. After one of her knights was mortally wounded, he asked Maledisant to take the shield to King Arthur's court to find another to finish the quest. The quest was given to Sir Breunor le Noire, aka La Cote Male Taile, who had only been knighted earlier that day. There were the usual sorts of knightly dramas, with La Cote Male Taile jousting with random knights, getting taking prisoner, and escaping from sinister castles. They hung out with Mordred for a while, and later on Lancelot came to help them out.

Some time later, La Cote Male Taile and Maledisant reached the castle Pendragon (Lancelot had stayed behind to write a letter to Tristan), where La Cote Male Taile got taken prisoner. Again. Lancelot caught up with them, rescued La Cote Male Taile, freed the rest of the prisoners in the castle, and made the previous owner yield the castle to him. After some more knightly adventures (which involved La Cote Male Taile getting taken prisoner again), Lancelot gave the castle Pendragon and the surrounding lands to La Cote Male Taile, who was also given a bunch more land by Arthur. He and Maledisant got married at the next Pentecost, and she'll be arriving at the Mansion a short time after her wedding.

Physical Abilities


Superhuman Abilities


Unusual or Magical Possessions



A young woman with brown eyes and long, dark brown hair that she likes to braid. She's fairly small and probably not very intimidating (until she starts yelling at you, that is).


The first thing you'll likely notice about Maledisant is that she's really, really mean. Seriously. Her default reaction to most people is to mock and berate them, and not so much because she thinks it's funny — she just gets a sadistic enjoyment out of being cruel to other people. She has basically no conscience when it comes to this sort of thing, too; she doesn't care if she takes it too far and upsets somebody. She'd probably enjoy that, too.

She's also very haughty and judgmental. She rarely thinks well of anything or anyone and considers most things (and people) to be beneath her. This is part of the reason she's so nasty to everyone: she really does believe some of the terrible things she says about other people. She is that much of an asshole. Disliking everything doesn't make her unhappy, either. She enjoys looking down on everyone and everything.

So, for obvious reasons, it's very difficult to get her to like you. She tends to like people who are similarly mean and appreciate her rudeness (or who can at least match her snark with more snark). She might not look down on you quite so much if you're confident enough to stand up for yourself and not get upset by her taunts, but that doesn't necessarily mean that she'll like you. There is also a very small chance that she'll like you if you do something for her, but it would have to be a pretty big something (like completing her quest). A small favour wouldn't do anything to make her respect someone. In fact, she'd be completely ungrateful and treat the person in question like a servant.

If she does like you, though, you'll definitely notice a change in her behaviour. She can be quite affectionate with the people she cares about, though they're few and far between. And, while she doesn't have much sympathy for other people and usually wouldn't care at all if she saw someone in distress, that changes completely when it comes to one of her friends. If one of her friends was in trouble, she'd be pissed and would try to solve the problem by being unrelentingly nasty to someone. Or something like that. In short, the way she treats you depends entirely on how much she likes you.

Overall, she's generally quite calm and collected. She's very confident (to the point of total arrogance), so most things will just slide off her back and not bother her. She is very hard to faze. She does have a rather impressive temper, though it's not easily roused. She doesn't get mad over little things like insults. You'd have to do something pretty bad to piss her off (like hurting one of her friends :|). When pissed, she will berate you with even more vehemence than usual, and completely refuse to back down. And also possibly throw a tantrum.


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