Malcolm Merlyn

Name: Malcolm Merlyn (aka "the Dark Archer")

Gender: Male

Age: early fifties(?)

Fandom: Arrow

Journal: redundncyarcher

Typist: Matrix Refugee

Quick Biography

Canon is silent about his early life, though we suspect he came from a good family, likely wealthy but possibly a bit emotionally distant, which could account for his detachment from people.

At some point, he met and married a woman named Rebecca, who became his emotional lynchpin; eventually, she gave him a son, Tommy, but still found time to work in the Glades, the poorer section of Starling City, setting up a free clinic. In 1993, Rebecca was mugged and left for dead, sending a series of panicked phone calls to her husband; since he was busy working, he let the calls go to his voice mail… and then the police notified him that his wife had been found dead, in the Glades.

After that, he started to withdraw from the people around him: already he was plotting to avenge Rebecca's death, first by turning himself into a weapon through vigorous training. Secondly, by plotting to destroy the Glades and cleanse the city, in one fell swoop, by any means possible.

Except that someone else had a similar idea, only with a stronger moral compass to guide him, that someone being Oliver Queen, the son of his close friend Robert Queen. Disguised as green-hooded vigilante (never called Green Arrow; canon's a bit more in the spirit of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies than the original comics), Oliver had set out to clear Starling City of crooked businessmen and other shady types, using a list of names that his father had compiled, before a shipwreck (which Merlyn may have had a hand in…) had claimed his father's life and left him stranded on an island off the China coast. Merlyn, as the Dark Archer, saw this as a worthy challenge, first trying to strong-arm Oliver into joining him, but when that failed, he viewed Oliver as another opponent, albeit a worthy one (and especially when he found the true identity of the green-hooded vigilante: his horrified reaction seems genuine), an opponent who would be the death of him…

Physical Abilities

An expert marksman with a bow and arrow, also highly capable at hand to hand combat, and is scary with a sabre.

Superhuman Abilities

None, as he's a plain vanilla mortal, just a highly trained one.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

Might count as unusual possessions: will be arriving clad in his now arrow-damaged Dark Archer disguise, minus the hood.


Moderately tall with a robust build; he's usually seen wearing neatly tailored business suits in dark shades of blue or black over pinstriped shirts. A handsome, chiselled-jawed gent with dark brown hair neatly parted on the side, and ice-blue eyes, usually with a spark in them as if he knows something we don't, but often, there's more ice than spark.

All this gets hidden, however, once he dons the guise of the Dark Archer, who appears clad head to foot in black: surcoat, tunic, hood, trousers and boots, only his pale eyes visible, peering out from the depths of his hood.


Generally, he's a polite and charming gent, rarely seen without a smile, even a slight one; he's affable and clever, with a quick mind and a strong intellect, but one gets the feeling there's a bit of ice water in his veins. He's generally level-headed and unflappable at least on the surface; underneath, there is a lot of cold fury burning, though it's rare that it bubbles to the surface. When it does, it can be quite sudden and terrifying. His wife Rebecca was his emotional and moral anchor, and the loss of her has caused him to lose his moorings. He's quite willing to destroy anyone who gets between him and his goals, and he's clever enough to make it look like an accident, or the work of someone else, or just circumstances working against the target.

As the Dark Archer, he becomes a hyper-focused version of his worse aspects, cold and calculating, without mercy, ruthless yet quietly so. (He's known to refer to the Dark Archer as an "associate", almost as if this side of himself was a wholly autonomous person, which indicates how well he's compartmentalized this side of himself and rationalized the things he does).


  • Family: Rebecca (wife, deceased), Tommy (son)
  • Lovers: Moira Queen (briefly, confirmed as of Season 2x7)
  • Score card:
  • Friends: Robert Queen (deceased)
  • Enemies: Oliver Queen
  • Allies:
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not):

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