Mage Storm Trilogy


  • Mercedes Lackey


  • Storm Warning
  • Storm Rising
  • Storm Breaking


Brief Summary

These follow the Heralds of Valdemar and the Mage Winds Trilogy, centering on the characters Karal and An'desha as Velgarth is threatened by a repetition of the Cataclysm described in The Mage Wars trilogy. This trilogy also focuses on the threat posed to Valdemar by the vast Eastern Empire and the development of the newly-formed Alliance between Valdemar and its surrounding nations.


Firecats are similar to the Companions in that they are the returned spirits of the Sons of the Sun, the head of the church of Karse, effectively the head of the country. Because there are far fewer Sons of the Sun, there are fewer Firecats. Firecats do not make any attempt to hide their nature and use the name they were known as when they were Son of the Sun.

Firecats are assigned (presumably by V'kandis) to accompany a human, usually to designate a new Son of the Sun, and to advise the Son of the Sun as a direct representative of the sun god. Firecats will also accompany and advise individuals whom V'kandis believes to be figures who are likely to be central in coming events that the Sunlord wishes to influence.

Firecats resemble very, very large Siamese cats with red markings instead of brown, and blue eyes. They have the ability to appear as a common cat, become invisible and to transport themselves long distances by teleportation. They can also transport a human, although the extra "load" tires them greatly. Like Companions, Firecats are mortal, must eat and sleep and grieve.

Only three Firecats are seen in the canon stories, Altra, Firecat to Karal, Karsite Ambassador to Valdemar, and Hansa, Solaris' Firecat. The third is Khar, seen in the story The Cat Who Came To Dinner, a short story by Nancy Asire, which appears in the official Valdemar short story compilation, Sun In Glory. Kharr is the Firecat companion of Reulan, a country priest who makes a trip with him to Sunhame, and is there crowned as the new Son of the Sun, on Summer Solstice.

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