Name: Maeglin Lómion

Gender: Male

Age: In elf years, who knows? About 18, human wise.

Fandom: Silmarillion



Quick Biography

Maeglin is the son of Eol Dark Elf and Aredhel through a somewhat forced marriage (how much depends on who you ask). He had a very screwy childhood, growing up with his father's influence toward mistrust of everyone, insularity, and tendency toward rages, combined with Aredhel's passions and impulsiveness. It was not a good combination. Ultimately, he talked his mother into leaving Nan Elmoth and headed for Turgon's city, looking for a home. However, they were followed, his mother died, his father was thrown off a cliff after cursing his son, and to make a long story short, it went downhill from there.

One major unrequited crush and a visit to Morgoth later, the now half-crazy and simmering with hatred Maeglin proceeded to betray Gondolin to its fall, coincidentally being pitched off the cliffs in the process. And dying, like everyone else in his family, ever. He doesn't know this part, though; still only half crazy and a traitor, rather than half crazy, a traitor, and dead.


Lean, more of the height of his Sindarin half but the looks of his mother. Long and silky black hair, a handsome face though the observant may note a sort of wrongness around the edges of his smile in particular, and eyes that vary from dark gray to black. Is handsome, even among elves, but his perpetual look of furtive nervousness or sullen anger is not encouraging.


Wary, mistrustful, but always attempts to be charming. He expects everyone to suspect or dislike him, and so has worked hard on cultivating a wicked sort of false charisma. If you get him vulnerable, he flashes quickly to a sort of panicky anger, but through that tends toward the coping mechanism of 'close up and hope it goes away.' He loves his mother very, very much and is still obsessed with Idril, even knowing he'll never have her. Tends to wallow in pessimism much of the time.

RP Canon

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