Name: Maedhros (Nelyafinwë Maitimo Fëanárion)

Nicknames: Russandol, Nelyo

Gender: Male

Age: 3100, give or take, at the time of his death.

Fandom: The Silmarillion

Journal: paleglitter

Typist: Rebecca

Quick Biography

Maedhros is the eldest son of Fëanor and Nerdanel. Life was pretty good until Morgoth stole the Silmarils, daddy went a bit nuts, and Maedhros and his brothers all swore a marvelously idiotic oath to help daddy get the shinies back.

After that there was some mass slaughter, a bit of a mess over a ship bonfire, daddy kicked the bucket, and Maedhros ended up captured by Morgoth and got to spend some time being tortured, and then a few decades dangling from a cliff by his right wrist. Fun times, that. His cousin/BFF Fingon eventually showed up and rescued him, minus a hand, after which he abdicated the throne in favor of his uncle and relocated the brothers to keep them out of trouble.

He stayed allied with his uncle/king (and later his cousin/BFF/king) to fight Morgoth, and eventually had the genuinely bright idea to rally of force of dwarves, elves, and men against Morgoth, which went swimmingly for a while before failing spectacularly in the Nírnaeth Arnoediad. Then he and the brothers learned that the king of Doriath had a shiny, and they attacked after Maedhros failed to keep the brothers in check. A lot of kinslaying and three dead brothers later, they were still short three shinies (and two little princes, oops).

Then he and the two remaining brothers learned that the shiny was hiding in Sirion. More kinslaying and another dead brother later, he and Maglor were still short three shinies, though they did gain two kidnadopted elflings. They spent the next few decades wandering around Beleriand - elflings in tow - to avoid the really big war that was being fought between Morgoth and Valinor.

After the war, the Valar took the last two shinies from Morgoth, and Maedhros and Maglor sent the elflings off to Gil-Galad; Maedhros convinced Maglor to stick to the Oath and keep shiny-hunting, so the brothers stole them, but after all that kinslaying they were pretty irreparably corrupted, which the shinies asserted quite emphatically. Maedhros then decided to take a bath in some lava, which left him very dead indeed.

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Tall. Really tall. Seriously, even for an elf. Auburn hair (longer than his PB's, and generally worn in a braid), Finwëan grey eyes. His torso and left palm bear heavy scarring and, more noticeably, his right hand is missing.


  • ISTX
  • 5w6, "The Problem Solver"
  • Good traits: courageous, usually level-headed, loyal, loves his family very very much, willing to work with others, has a semi-functional moral compass, doesn't kick puppies
  • Bad traits: has the Fëanorian temper, is at times blindly loyal, allows Issues to overrule sense, has a semi-functional moral compass, engages in multiple incidences of mass slaughter
  • Neutral traits: strong-willed, unusually tactile, has a rather dry sense of humor

Maedhros is the eldest of Fëanor and Nerdanel's seven sons, and possibly the most sensible of the lot. (Of course, the bar here is set really low.) He's rather more level-headed and less temerarious than some of his younger brothers, although he still has a strong dose of the usual Finwëan blockheadedness.

At any rate, Nerdanel had a modicum of success with this one, Eru alone knows how. As the eldest, but clearly not the favorite (you need to work on those parenting skills, Fëanor), he developed rather rigid (and slightly skewed) senses of Duty and Responsibility, along with the usual massive Daddy Issues. He is devoted his family and does his best to be what he thinks an eldest son/sibling should be, which is part of the problem, really. Maedhros would come to bitterly regret the Oath and its consequences, but breaking it would mean disrespecting his father and failing in his duty as the eldest son, and he was never able to make himself do those things.

Angband screwed him up pretty badly, and he never fully recovered, but Maglor, Fingon, and killing lots of orcs helped. So did abdicating, which Maedhros firmly believes was both the proper and intelligent thing to do. Unsurprisingly, he hates Morgoth.

The deaths of Telvo at Losgar, Kano at the Nírnaeth Arnoediad, Tyelko, Kurvo, and Moryo in Doriath, and Pityo at Sirion were devastating. The kidnadoption and subsequent raising of Elrond and Elros helped heal that grief to a surprising degree, and caring for them became his attempt at restitution for the abandonment of Elured and Elurin. Unlike Maglor, he wouldn't go so far as to call himself their father, but he does love the elflings dearly.

Of his brothers he's closest to Maglor, but he loves them all very much. Yes, even Curufin.


RP Canon

So far he's been reunited with almost the whole family - with various levels of Awkward involved - and met a few of the Mansion's other residents, notably Pandora, Adrian, book!Armand, Nellas, and Favrielle.

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