Lulu Garou

Name: Lulu Garou

Gender: F

Age: 20s

Fandom: Butcher Bird: A Novel of The Dominion by Richard Kadrey

Journal: clerked

Typist: Shar


Quick Biography

Lulu is in business with her best friend, Spyder. They own a tattoo studio and piercing parlor where he "does the ink and she handles the metal. It let them both pretend to be artists while making money and getting a lot of tail on the side. Rubi, for instance, had been one of Lulu's earliest and most regular customers."

Circumstances in the past led her to make a deal with the Black Clerks, who have been taking pieces of her body since - literally. She was aware of the other Spheres in the Dominion even before Spyder found himself amidst his newly discovered reality. He was confronted with her disfigurement once his eyes were opened, and ended up making his own deal with the Black Clerks to protect her from further organ harvesting. They're both then hip-deep in demonic trouble.

Joined by Shrike and eventually Non, they travel to Hell. It's quite the adventure.

Physical Abilities

She's human, and thanks to her friends, her body is fully healed and back intact. She's trained to pierce in the tattoo parlor.

Superhuman Abilities

None really. Though she has some friends with them.

Unusual or Magical Possessions



Lulu has dark hair, dark eyes and plenty of curves. She has some piercings and tattoos, not surprising given her career. Her PB is Meg White.


Lulu is brash, opinionated, creative and enjoys her vices. Vices include smoking, drinking and women. When not working, she can be found drinking with her best friend, Spyder, at the Bardo Lounge where one of her girlfriends (her favorite), Rubi, bartends.

"Lulu took out another Marlboro Light and lit it with a pink fur Zippo. "Know what would really suck? Being force fed a bucket full of black widows."



  • Family:
  • Lovers:
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating):
  • Friends: Count Non.
  • Enemies: The Black Clerks (canon)
  • Allies:
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not):

RP Canon


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