Lukas Ford

Name: Lukas Ford

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Fandom: ABC's The Gates

Journal: alpha_son

Typist: Shar

Quick Biography

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Physical Abilities

Lukas is good with construction and carpentry. He's good at tracking too.

Superhuman Abilities

He's a werewolf. Keen senses, especially smell. Excellent night vision. Impressive strength. Very fast healing.

Unusual or Magical Possessions



Lukas is a teenager, having just finished his sophomore year in high school. He is 5'11" and very muscular. He has blonde hair, light skin and blue eyes. He likes to wear sleeveless shirts with skinny jeans accompanied by motorcycle boots. As a wolf he has white fur and golden eyes. His PB is actor James Preston.



At first Lukas is shown to be a troublemaker who disregards authority and does whatever he wants, but the truth goes much deeper. Still, he is liked by his werewolf peers in school, and is regarded as their leader.

At home, he's abused by his father, and their relationship is based on fear. He loves his mother and they're very close; he is fiercely protective of her. He feels horrible when his father abuses his mother, and supports her in the aftermath. Since his father is pack Alpha, he feels frustrated and powerless to stop the abuse. His seeming reckless behavior away from home is driven by shame and guilt, and the secret his family keeps regarding his dad.

Enraged at his father, Lukas manages to defeat him in a fight, which makes him Alpha of the entire pack. This is not his intention, nor his desire. In fact, it's almost certain death as he's likely to be challenged by others in the pack to take the position. He's not yet old enough or strong enough to hold the position. Fortunately, his father's second steps into the position and protects him.

Now free of his father, he is settling into being a normal teen, and begins focusing on his education. Well, he's as normal as a teen werewolf can be.


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