Lucivar Yaslana

Name: Lucivar Yaslana

Gender: Male

Age: 1,700 years, or so.

Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop



Quick Biography

Lucivar! What does one say about Lucivar. Well. He is the son of Saetan SaDiablo and Luthvian, mostly accidentally, though his father loved him. At birth, Luthvian, who has a hatred of the Eyrien race (she herself is a wingless Eyrien and hence an outcast), demanded that his wings be cut off. Saetan gave her the ultimatum that if she did, he would cut Lucivar's throat, knowing that to deprive him of his wings would be murder anyway. Terrified, Luthvian gave in and allowed Lucivar to be raised Eyrien, but it drove a wedge between both Lucivar and his mother and Luthvian and Saetan. Thus, as Lucivar grew older alongside his elder half-brother Daemon Sadi, when Prythian began to feed Luthvian half truths about the Guardians (what Saetan was, halfway between living and dead), she swallowed them and was persuaded, after Lucivar's Birthright Ceremony when he received his Red Jewels, to deny Saetan parentage and give Lucivar over to Prythian, who did something to him that caused him to forget all of his childhood before that moment.

From there, he was raised in the Eyrien war camps as a half-breed bastard, and hence an object of scorn. This pushed him to become the best of the best with weaponry, which even as a child he was well on his way to doing already. However, he was ill-treated at best and grew up in a harsh environment that honed his temper to a fine edge. When he was given over to Zuultah as a pleasure slave, he already had a reputation as a vicious killer, though never on the same level as his brother.

What followed were centuries where he was moved from court to court, followed by a trail of dead witches who'd pushed him just a little too far. He gained notoriety and eventually was confined to the Court at Pruul with Zuultah, controlled by a Ring of Obedience. After meeting Jaenelle, he was given reason to live, waiting for the time to join his Queen. However, Dorothea deliberately set him on Daemon's trail by telling him about Jaenelle's rape and (supposed) murder, proving it with a sheet soaked with her blood and pain. This drove Lucivar more than a little half mad, and sent him on a near suicidal rampage, breaking out of the salt mines he'd been confined to after castrating Zuultah on an overdose of safframate (a very, very nasty aphrodisiac), and hunted down Daemon. After realizing his brother was mad, Lucivar ignored his pleas for death and left, making one last suicidal run that really should have killed him.

He survived, and found his Queen. And later, found his wife.


Tall, muscular, with great big bat wings and shoulder length black hair. Darkish skin and gold eyes, with a few expressions: an arrogant smile, an annoyed frown, or a very, very neutral expression.


Lucivar is a savage, overprotective, bullying prick, but we love him anyway, for some reason. He has very strong ideas about what witches should and should not do, and seems to get rather annoyed when they don't listen to him. He tends to like people more if they stand up for themselves, and if they don't annoy him. Which is, admittedly, rather difficult. He adores Jaenelle Angelline though, and is rather oddly at once protective and frightened of Daemon Sadi. Lucivar Yaslana is an Ebon Gray Warlord Prince. Being Eyrien, he's fast and very, very good with nearly every weapon you can think of, including hands and feet. Being a Warlord Prince, he has a hair trigger temper and a need to protect. Wearing Ebon Gray jewels means he can flatten almost anyone he wants to. It's a damn good thing he follows Protocol. Most of the time. After nearly 1000 years of being a pleasure slave and a whore for witches, he has an understandable fear of being touched and a strong dislike, almost hatred, of females who remind him of the witches from Terreille. His batlike wings make him look even taller than his nearly seven feet and the fact that he does a lot of practicing makes him formidable in the muscle area as well. However, Lucivar adores children and has a soft spot for shy women and a tendency to get very protective of people he cares for. Lucivar is afraid of very little, but he fears for many people.

RP Canon

Lucivar is far too much fun to crackplot. He has now been ten years old (ten kinds of adorable) and turned into a very pissy golden eagle. So far, he has gotten into numerous fights with Armand St. Just, mostly on the topic of Karla, snuggled with Marian Yaslana, talked to Daemon about Jaenelle Angelline and other such things. And been teased by Gabrielle. A lot. People have pissed him off, but thus far he hasn't disemboweled anyone, which is good. We're very proud of his temper control. The only person he absolutely cannot stand is the irrepressible Lestat de Lioncourt, whose very appearance is enough to set him on the killing edge. However, more recently his typist has gotten him more involved and he's adopted Miranda and by extension her fiancee Melou. Additionally, he's begun training with Anita Blake and formed an odd friendship with her, though that was recently shattered when the typist crackplotted him back to a very bad time in his life, with little memory of the Mansion and nearly half-mad. That didn't go so well.

Also, typist is bewildered as to how he ended up friends with Ambarussa, but he now considers them his younger brothers. And is very distressed when Pityo's typist makes his brother go away.

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