Name: Louisa

Contact Information: At her lj: mycenaes

Random Fun Facts:

Louisa is a 20-something student who enjoys acting, general debauchery, cats, lulz, poetry, and being quasi-bohemian. Passing Strange is sort of the story of her life, except she's not a black man and has never been to Europe. She's also not sure how this wiki thing works. XD

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Shameless Fellow Typist Love

- Wil loves a Louisa and wants to make Wiki Pages for her. (Also, her Paulinka is made of ridiculous Win.)

Elleth doesn't know Louisa that well yet, but looks forward to getting to know her better.

Jules thinks that interacting with Lou and her characters is so much fun she can't even; and that's that.

Sam thinks that Lou is one of the sweetest people she's ever met online.

Nara thinks that Lou is just delightful and suspects she is made of fluffy bunnies and buttercups. All interactions with Lou have been friendly, polite and enthusiastic, her characters are a delight, and Nara looks forward to being Greek Mythology buddies with her.

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