Locke Lamora

Name: Locke Lamora (at least, sometimes)

Gender: male

Age: 20ish

Fandom: The Gentleman Bastard Sequence by Scott Lynch



Quick Biography

Locke Lamora was sold to the Thiefmaker after both his parents died in a plague. Though very quick and very intelligent, he is not very discreet and ends up making several costly mistakes, eventually leading to him being sold again. Brought up by a con artist along with a motley crew of other thieves, Locke became the leader of the Gentlemen Bastards (as they called themselves) until several unfortunate run ins with nobility, the bandit community, and a nasty stranger, where all of his friends but one were killed. After performing the one noble deed of his life and saving the noble children by informing the people trying to arrest him, he fled and killed said nasty stranger, and was very nearly killed himself. He's not sure where he is now and edges on chronically depressed; because after all, it was essentially his fault his friends got murdered. Or he thinks so, anyway.


Locke is very small, very slender, and built like an acrobat. He has a handsome face and longish dark hair and is good at both looking younger and older (despite his height) than he is. He has very dark eyes and a nearly permanent wry smile, though when he likes, Locke is an extremely talented actor.


Locke is one of the smartest people you will ever meet and a trickster to the core. However, he can be incredibly careless and often cavalier in his extreme self-confidence, though he's lost some of that. He tends to be fairly social and gets the most fun out of lying to people and tricking them out of their money. He's not in the con business for the money he gets; he purely does it for the game. He’s nearly constantly amused at something, but more often than not it’s himself, especially these days. He might be more than a little mad, but that doesn’t concern him too much, and more likely than not he’s not even aware of it – it isn’t raving madness, just the extreme unconcern of those who spend most of their time laughing their asses off at the ridiculousness of everyone around them. Locke tends to risk his own neck more than half the time he's doing something, and puts a much higher value on his friends' lives than on his own, though he does have his pride. He's capable of being bitter and nasty as well, though, and is made of mood swings from elation to despair in the space of moments. We don't understand him either.

RP Canon

Locke has been fairly uninvolved, healing slowly from his skewered arm. He has, however, flirted a bit with Ilse and had a very interesting conversation with Shell Thropp. And was startled and more than a little confused by Rose, but that's beside the point. He tries not to think about that too much. Recently, however, he met Valenand found a kindred spirit, however alarmed he was when his new friend came back from a brief absence glowing. However, it didn't take him long to adjust and start snogging Valen in corners. He also met and was slept upon by Anita Blake. Most recently he's provoked Cyrano de Bergerac into a duel. During a crackplot while he was forced to tell the truth, he found himself snogging princessified!Jessica Darling and rather enjoying it, too. And telling Anita his real name, which was not as much fun. After fighting the duel and losing rather spectacularly (bleeding all over the Mansion's front lawn and if not suicidal at least extremely reckless) to Cyrano, he survived by the grace of Jaenelle Angelline. Needless to say, magic-phobic Locke was not very grateful. Since, he's been forced into bedrest. We doubt he'll stay there for long. He's also been harassed by the very stylish Marius de Romanus, which he resoundingly did not appreciate. Ha. After stumbling downstairs and keeling over in the main room, Cyrano de Bergerac ended up stitching him back together, which ended, oddly enough, in a sort of truce between them. He's since agreed to help from Jaenelle because he's going stir crazy stuck in bed, and while making his way downstairs, was shocked to see the Sanza twins, most recently dead, and is currently worrying them with his rather ragged condition.

It is worth noting that while Valen and Locke started out as a temporary fling sort of idea, they seem to have run away with it and, as Valen's typist has said, "my puppets seem to pick up boyfriends when I'm not looking." Locke adoooores Valen. Having been healed, he's now practicing being Locke Lamora again, as he doesn't want to worry the twins.

For some reason, he and Phedre no Delaunay seem incapable of having a civil conversation. Typist wishes that they would both just get over themselves.

…Locke officially wins the aware for Most Spastic of the Typist's Puppets. On the way to apologize to Phedre, which might have actually worked, except that she fainted, Henry Fitzroy appeared, assumed the worst, and proceeded to strangle Locke. That was fun. Saved by the timely intervention of Anita Blake - sort of - he might have been all right, except for how there was a conversation of epic fail where we're not sure what Locke was trying to do, but ended up provoking Henry to the point where Jaenelle used magic to knock him out. As you can imagine, that's going to go over very well. Currently pretending to be sane and functional. And not very well, either. Against common sense, he went out in search of Sagramore and miraculously avoided getting his ass kicked. Unfortunately, he did not avoid Anita blowing up on him. That's always nice.

Somehow managing to patch together his friendship with Anita, Locke proceeded to be terrified by the invasion of ghosts, had a very interesting conversation with Harry Dresden (a wizard) and was quite confused by Phedre apologizing to him. Because that's just weird.

Cyrano de Bergerac and Valen continue to be the stable elements in his life; Locke continues to be a cynical, sarcastic, asshole. We love him.

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