Light Yagami

Name: Light Yagami (or Yagami Raito)

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Fandom: Death Note



Quick Biography

When Light picked up the Death Note dropped by Ryuk into the human world, he was in his senior year in high school and projected to have a brilliant future. However, when Light realizes what the notebook he is holding can do - by first killing a man holding a day care hostage - he makes a vow to rid the world of all evil. By - you guessed it - killing criminals.

His plan hits a hitch, however, when famed detective L steps in to try to catch the mysterious killer known as "Kira." To make a long story short, they dance around each other in fascinating ways until Light manages to get L killed through some major gambits. As Kira becomes the new world power, however, L's successors are already on his tail. Eventually they catch up to him and cornered in a warehouse, proven as Kira, Light is shot by a member of his own investigating team. He manages to escape and stagger out to the wharfs, but is mortally wounded, and Ryuk, the shinigami who dropped the Death Note, writes down Light's name. He dies of a heart attack on a staircase, with the apparition of his mortal enemy L standing over him, at 23 years old.


Light is an attractive young man, described as looking clean cut and "from a rich family" especially in contrast to L's permanent dishevelment. He tends to dress impeccably and is very well groomed, rarely seen to be mussed or out of sorts. One gets the impression from his physical appearance of a man who is very put-together and straight-edged, perhaps even a goody-two-shoes. His hair is auburn or brown with touches of red in it; his eyes are a color somewhere between hazel and brown, but sometimes they seem almost red. He is pleasantly handsome and always projects an air of confidence and determination in his movements.


Light is a very interesting young man. He is, first and foremost, at genuinely genius intelligence if not above, and tends to be easily bored by people less intelligent than him. On the other hand, Light is a very good charmer, and finds it easy to make friends, though he never seems to really connect with them on a serious level. He is very popular with the girls but has never been really interested in anyone. He is more than a little obsessive and tends to be a bit of a clean freak.

The most important factor in Light's character, however, is his sense of justice and idealism - the high standards that he holds himself to and believes should apply to the rest of the world. Light is a little bit self-righteous and definitely overconfident to the point of arrogance. Before he finds the Death Note, however, Light is an upright, determined young man, top of his class. If he hadn't found the Death Note, he probably would have become a top police officer in the country and worked with L.

However, he found the Death Note. Light's original quest - to rid the world of all evil - has a certain naivete and idealism to it, but his original intents become gradually warped. By the end of the story, Light has become a ruthless killer, still fully believing that his doings are just, with a misguided desire to become a god. He is manipulative, seeming to have lost the ability to empathize, and while believing he holds the moral high ground, is also a sociopath.

Centrally, however, Light is first and foremost an idealist with an uncompromising sense of justice and no tolerance for the failure of people to live up to his standards. He is easily annoyed but manages most of the time to appear contained and controlled, and is able to consistently think himself out of tight places. So yes. Light is an interesting young man.


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