L Lawliet

Name: L Lawliet, also goes by Hideki Riyuga, Eldorado Coil, Riyuzaki, Deneuve and just L.

Gender: Male.

Age: 27 (24+3).

Fandom: Death Note

Journal: justiceis_blue

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

L was born October 31 1982. At the time of his death on November 4th 2007, he's 24 years old. L was raised at Whammy's House, an orphanage which belongs to Watari, where intellectually-gifted children are kept safe and educated. Ohba describes him as "as a quarter Japanese, a quarter English, a quarter Russian and… maybe a quarter French or Italian? Something like that." In short, L is more or less a mutt, but it's clear the he is at least bilingual English/Japanese and probably is an accomplished polyglot. He is the greatest detective in his verse and also assumes the identities of his two greatest competitors, Eldorado Coil and Deneuve. His reputation in his world of origin is so great that he can present his conclusions publicly anytime and be taken seriously. His greatest and most difficult case will undoubtedly be the Kira case, during which he will come to face his greatest oppopent but also his best investigation partner, Light Yagami. For spoilery details of L's life, see here.

Physical Abilities

L lived in England for 5 years – that was when he won the England Junior Cup. His fighting style can be considered akin to capoeira. He uses mostly his feet and can deliver a mean round house kick (just ask Light.) He's also, like, the three best detectives in his universe. >.<

Superhuman Abilities

We don't want to classify his brain as superhuman, but he's pretty damn smart. (Smarter than his typist, very likely >.<)

Unusual or Magical Possessions

Nothing of the sort, except, very likely, some candy in his pockets.


L is constantly seen wearing slack blue jeans, a very loose white shirt and no shoes. His black hair is disheveled and generally unkempt but clean. According to his creator, L "looks cool based on the angle." He has impressive bags under his eyes and virtually no eyebrows. His eyes are also black, which results in a rather strange and bewildering “panda eye” effect. L probably could be listed as having the worst posture ever. He crouches, walks and talks languidly and generally looks either bored or absent. Whenever he holds an item, he does so very delicately, almost daintily, but not quite. There is no grace in such gestures. His voice is rich and low, in contrast to his generally young appearance, and he speaks on a quiet, bland tone. He stands at 5 feet 10 and is very lithe, weighing only 110 pounds.


L's appearance belies extreme abilities of deduction and insight. His mind is very analytical and he proceeds with extreme meticulousness and attention to detail. L has been dubbed by his writer, Ohba, the smartest character in the manga, as well as slightly evil. He can lie, cheat and order torture without batting an eyelash when it is relevant to his goals. His behaviour appears childish at times – L sees most of the activities he engages in as a game and eats ungodly amounts of sweets, for example. He is also very secretive and has socialization issues and tells Light that he probably was his first friend, though this may or may not be true – with L, it's hard to tell.


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  • Family: Watari, Near, Mello.
  • Lovers: Sweets?
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating): We're not sure that ever happened. Er.
  • Friends: By his own admission, L does not have many friends. Light Yagami probably counts, regardless of what he says about it. Alcuin no Delaunay, though he counts more as a stalking victim, if we're honest. L likes him though.
  • Enemies: Light Yagami
  • Allies: Phoenix Wright, maybe?
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not): Morally grey people, Idiot savants, Law enforcers, Prodigies.

RP Canon

2013 update

L Lawliet - trolled Misa while Light was dead at her feet. And is going to go all Secret Identity Spy thingie, because I can. See this plot post.

In 2010

Being newly arrived at the Mansion, L hasn't quite had a chance to make a splash of any sort, which he finds quite acceptable.
So far, he's met:

  • Tsuzuki with whom he was kiddified and agreed that sweets are the win,
  • Echowho managed to have a confusing discussion with him by slipping notes,
  • Enjolraswho, as a child, was infinitely frustrated by little L's unwillingness to do everything he dictated,
  • Fuchsia Groan who may actually become a friend, which would bewilder L and amuse the typist,
  • Muraki- they were children, it was alright,
  • Light - trolling him is L's favorite past time,
  • 11-12, whom L is still a bit uncertain about,
  • Brian Moser, who promptly made it to L's list of Suspicious People,
  • Firekeeper, who asks way too many questions, if you ask L,
  • Gellert Grindelwald, whom L prompt decided had eaten way too many canaries for his healthy,
  • Ilse Neumann - L likes her, she made him Strudel!
  • Jaenelle Angelline, who tried to be his friend but might have scared him off a little,
  • Locke Lamora, with whom L certainly has a lot in common;
  • Misa Amane, who predictably thought he was creepy;
  • Phoenix Wright, who may become a colleague;
  • Richard Dinardo, who gave L no reason whatsoever to be helpful,
  • River Tam, whom L secretly thought was adorable,
  • Ryuk, L's favorite troll, except not,
  • Teru Mikami, (that was weird),
  • The tenth Doctor, whom L will enjoy trolling, very likely.
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