Kushiel's Legacy


  • Jacqueline Carey


  • Kushiel's Dart
  • Kushiel's Chosen
  • Kushiel's Avatar
  • Kushiel's Chosen
  • Kushiel's Justice
  • Kushiel's Mercy


Brief Summary

Kushiel's Legacy is a series of fantasy novels by Jacqueline Carey, comprising the Phèdre Trilogy: Kushiel's Dart, Kushiel's Chosen, and Kushiel's Avatar; and the Imriel Trilogy (called the Treason's Heir trilogy in the United Kingdom) : Kushiel's Scion, Kushiel's Justice and Kushiel's Mercy. Since the series features a fictional version of medieval Europe, it can be considered historical fantasy or alternate history.
The main setting of Kushiel's Legacy is the country of Terre d'Ange (resembling France), the "Land of the Angels". D'Angelines, as the citizens are called, are descended from Blessed Elua and his band of fallen angels. Elua was born when the blood of the crucified Yeshua ben Yosef, the son of the One God, mixed with the tears of the Magdalene and then was quickened by Mother Earth. Scorned by his grandfather, the One God, Elua wandered the Earth with eight companion angels. The eight were Naamah, Anael, Azza, Shemhazai, Camael, Cassiel, Eisheth, and Kushiel. After years of wandering, Elua and his Companions settled in the land that would become Terre d'Ange. Elua espoused the precept Love as thou wilt and he and his companions inter-bred with the native populace, creating the D'Angeline people. Elua himself is a cross between Dionysus and a wandering fertility god, association with nature, love and liberty.

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