Koenma Daioh

Name: Koenma Daioh, also known as Enma Jr.

Gender: Male, but can assume any form he likes if he wants.

Age: 700+ At LEAST

Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho



Quick Biography

Koenma's creation story begins with The Enma Daioh siring another child centuries ago, the child's mother was a royal consort that was once a human priestess. Seeing something special in the baby god, he did something he never did before: give the child his name, Koenma. Or Enma Jr. (This didn't make the other consorts or his older children very happy.) Due to his mothers influence, Koenma felt more of a connection to the humans than than his father and brothers. Feeling that perhaps he could use this ability to help, he personally asked his Father if he could run HQ when he is away in the other worlds. More information about Koenma's exploits during the series can be found here.

Physical Abilities

MAD BOSS SKILLZ? Binky sucking? The ability to procrastinate with the best of the humans? Not much actually.

Superhuman Abilities

It's this typists fanon that the AWESOME GODLY POWERS of his father don't reach him until he at least turns a thousand years old. He does have the ability to shift his form into anything he likes. Also he floats as a child… no really.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

His ever present binky, given to him at birth and rarely, if ever, leaves his mouth. For good reason too, the binky is actually a tool of his power. And keeps it in mouth, constantly sucking at it, feeding on his sacred energy until a very pressing need arrives.


Since he's the son of a god, he can take the form of many different things in and out the Spirit World. However, this son prefers to either take the appearance of a tiny toddler with a binky constantly in his mouth with closed eyes nearly all the time, he typically wears his fuchsia and indigo royal robes. His forehead is marked with the sign: Jr. Another common appearance is the form of a very attractive young man with short brown hair, and brown eyes, the royal robes are still on and that ever present binky is still in his mouth and the mark is still there.


'More than meets the eye' is a good overall descriptor of Koenma, although he often acts carelessly, is goofy and is immature at times, those traits make people forget that he is the son of an ever-present god that presides over various afterworlds. (And after all, he is still pretty young for a deity.) One of the few children of Enma that prefers to help his father rule, he often handles a lot of his work (and problems) when his Father is out of HQ. Like his father, he is committed to order in the Three Worlds and beyond, even if that means bending or breaking his own fathers rules. He is seen as the most relateable member of the Daioh Royal Family.


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