Kazutaka Muraki

Name: Kazutaka Muraki

Gender: Male

Age: 37 (+5, since he's been stuck in a subdimension where time was not running the same way as it did in the world he knows…)

Fandom: Yami no Matsuei (aka Descendants of Darkness)

Journal: silvereyedphage

Typist: Matrix Refugee

Quick Biography

Born into a wealthy family and of a long line of physicians, his troubles started almost the day he was born: His increasingly mentally unhinged mother treated him little better than the porcelain dolls she obsessed over. When he was sixteen, his elder half-brother Saki, the result of his father's philandering with a patient, came to live with the family; Saki turned his life into a living hell, assaulting Kazutaka's high school sweetheart, Ukyou Sakuraiji, then turned against both their parents, killing them both, and later attacking Kazutaka, and would have killed him if the family butler had not intervened and shot Saki. As a young physician and genetic researcher, he had high ideals and goals, but these soon imploded and he became increasingly obsessed with gaining power over life and death itself, turning to weird science and occult studies in pursuit of an answer and falling prey to his own inner demons. His destiny is intertwined with that of Asato Tsuzuki, the object of his obsession: he had inherited his grandfather Yukitaka's case files and discovered among them the medical records of a mysterious, unnamed patient who had managed to heal without a mark after being brought into the family clinic in poor condition. And because he wants to find the secret behind this ability to heal (among other reasons), he'll stop at nothing to capture his prey.


Silver-eyed and silver-haired with a pale complexion and an achingly beautiful face, his sensuously lean figure usually clad in a tailored white suit under a white trenchcoat, he's often compared to an angel (though his actions speak otherwise). His right eye was lost in an accident and has been replaced with a glass eye, which sometimes doesn't fit in properly, thus giving him an unsettling air, though usually it's hard to see through the fall of the fringe over his brow. There's indications that he's an energy vampire, but this is something he keeps to himself, though other preternatural beings are likely to detect something odd about him.


On the surface he seems charming and affable, if a bit reserved, a perfect cultured gentleman with impeccable manners, and as a physician, he has a flawless bedside manner, meticulous and professional, yet with an air about him that causes his patients to open up to him easily. But this is largely a mask hiding the demon within: Behind it, he is cold and calculating, manipulative, a chessmaster who uses people for his own ends and discards them when he has no more need for them, a puppeteer pulling the strings of those around him, a dangerous and often violent predator who uses any means — emotional, physical, even sexual — to manipulate others. If he sets his sights on something (or someone) he desires, he stops at nothing to obtain it and will destroy anyone who tries to get between him and his prey. …And yet, there is a sensitive side, hidden away within his darkened soul, a part of him which only a select few have seen, and which loathes the monster he has let himself become, believing he has done so only because he saw no other way to destroy those who harmed him.

Physical Abilities

Fairly proficient in some form of martial arts that resembles a cross between Tai Chi Chuan and Judo (good enough to pin Tsuzuki on numerous occasions).

Superhuman Abilities

Psychic or energy vampire abilities, including:

  • Compulsions, ranging from being able to calm a person when they're angry or upset, to "the Jedi Mind Trick" to being able to hijack the free will centers of an especially suggestible person. Also able to read a person's mind if he's touching their forehead
  • Sensing the presence of spirits/changes in the ambient energy around him
  • Energy draining, ranging from skimming from a person's energy to draining their core energy, usually by some sort of intimate contact (usually sexual)
Unusual or Magical Possessions

(spellbooks, wands, weaponry or anything like that go here, bullet points can be useful for listing)


RP Canon

He arrived on the grounds of the Mansion in the midst of a snow squall, still nursing the wounds he had sustained when Tsuzuki destroyed his lab in a sub-basement under Shion University and would have died of hypothermia if he had not been helped inside by a somewhat flustered Richard DiNardo. Belize stitched up the stab wound in his back and lower abdomen and taped up the burns on his shoulders; Genvieve Emery then offered him a meal and chatted with him, her innocence thus earning his trust and his respect since she reminded him of Ukyou. A day or two later, when he had started to get some of his strength back he —

  • met Adrian Ivashkov in a hallway, and nearly worked a compulsion on him (which would have succeeded if he was in better condition);
  • encountered Shilo Wallace in a kitchen and marked her as his next sacrificial lamb;
  • traded verbal jabs with Johnny Rockfort and enjoyed the squabble immensely;
  • offered a light to Pascal Rougon and started to view him as a potential research partner;
  • spoke with Gellert Grindelwald about the nature of magic;
  • had an intellectual exchange with Paul on the nature of vampirism;
  • spooked and was spooked by D'Eon de Beaumont.

He has also encountered Melisande Shahrizai and in finding a kindred spirit in her, has offered to be her protector and accomplice if need be, as well as offering her a show of his talent. During the Spring Teen Dance, he was crackplotted into a more shy and gentle seventeen year old version of himself (complete with having his memory folded back to that time) , and ended up spending the night with Robin Goodfellow, awakening to find the both of them restored to their mature selves.

The night of the full moon at the end of March, he cast a curse on Shilo Wallace, which would cause her spirit energy to flow to him and speed up the process of healing his injuries, and in so doing, caused the moon over the Mansion to turn the color of blood, which startled several unsuspecting denizens. He's also developed an unwholesome fascination with Steerpike, and has taken the youth on as a protege and intelligence agent, if he can't manage to lure the youngster into bed.

Shortly after he'd sufficiently recovered from his injuries, Pandora and Adrian Ivashkov cornered Muraki and forced him to find a way to undo the curse he'd put on Shilo. He also treated Aramat Drawdes's seemingly injured ankle and formed an odd sister-brother relationship with her. On Light Yagami's arrival, he engaged in a philosophical duel of wits and has added the youth to the growing list of people whose dreams he would gladly disrupt. Later, when Light introduced Ryuk to him, the shinigami was completely freaked out on seeing Muraki's projected date of death. He eventually set up a laboratory in the basement for himself and Aramat, whilst planning a more subtle approach toward his next victim. Morgoth has made contact with him, giving him the promise to complete his (Muraki's) evolution into his fullest strength (whatever that means) and has won his compliance in the matter. He's been lying low since the confrontation with Pandora, but after Aramat told him about her nasty encounter with Brian Moser, he's plotting the youngster's downfall; he's also dreamwalked Light Yagami and left the youth shaken and tired from the experience. When Paul and Zillah Katz announced the formation of a small independant university at the Mansion, Muraki signed up, offering courses in rather diverse subjects, namely first aid and vampire legends. He's also insinuated himself into being Albert Herrera's confidante and has adopted the youngster as a literal bed-warmer, which has helped to diminish some of his desires for his student.

Unfortunately, Albert's sudden disappearance in the spring put him into somewhat of an emotional tailspin, and on the night that Morgoth manifested his presence, the Dark Lord was able to prey on this depression, claiming responsibility for Albert's disappearance. Muraki tried to challenge Morgoth, and for his insolence, Morgoth tore his inner symbiote in half, leaving him injured psychically. Since then, he is slowly turning toward the light once again, though it remains to be seen how far this change of heart will run. There is also the possibility that Morgoth may implant the other half of his inner demon into the least suspecting Mansion dweller…

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