Name: Kalush

Gender: female

Age: late 20s

Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy



Quick Biography

Kalush is a Queen, who eventually rules Nharkava. Birthright Rose descended to Opal. Married to Aaron, mother of Arianna.


Thick, wavy deep brown hair, petite, the most curvy of the witches with soft brown eyes. She has a husky voice, that, in Saetan's words, "would do wonderfully bad things to men's libidos."


When Saetan first sees her, his initial reaction is that "there is a sweetness about her that made [him] want to cuddle her", and that's a fair summary of Kalush. She's the sweetest witch you'll ever meet, even-tempered, kind, and gracious to nearly everyone. However, she does have a temper that when pricked burns just as brightly as any other witch, though it's harder to provoke. She's the least intimidating of the whole Coven and is generally cheerful, and she adores her daughter. Arianna has some of her mother's sweetness and a whole lot of her father's wicked nature, that she probably also picked up from Karla. But she is capable of wrapping males around her little finger, and her charm is undeniable.

RP Canon

Kalush's problem is that she's too sweet for her typist to allow anything truly bad to happen to her. She's been talking to Cyrano de Bergerac, who is kind of family as he's been adopted by Arianna, and is courting Wilhelmina Benedict. And is effectively the mother to the Elutwins, who seem to adore her. Awwwww.

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