Things One Should Know

  • name: Jules
  • age: currently 24
  • location: No Man's Land
  • appearance: slight, quick on the trigger, BOUNCY
  • contact info

Random Fun Facts:

'80s child and blissfully unaware of it. Toying with foreign languages and amateur writing. Also fascinated by: assuming personalities, SHIPPING ALL SORTS OF STUFF, ficcing, original-ing, books, more books, even more books, cinematography, photography, mythology, folk tales, legends, urban legends, metal (+ variations thereof) music, traveling.

Luuurves pickles. Hates violence, needles, birds and stray dogs (actually, she is afraid of the last three). Is a fierce representative of her sign [Aries] & her Chinese sign [Fire Tiger].

Literary Characters

Video Media Characters

Musical Characters

Shameless Fellow Typist Love

Wil is here to point out that she's responsible for Jules' presence in these parts, that Jules is a lovely writer and a bouncy thing of bounciness. ^^ In short, she bounces, and we love her for it.

Elleth would like to add that Jules is amazing, fun, and a highly lovable nerd, and that that is a wonderful thing all around.

Pashchan believes that Jules was born in a bubble, not just any kind, A delicious bubble gum type. Which explains why she is so sweet.

Sam thinks that Jules is a fun and enthusiastic player.

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