Johnny Rockfort

Name: Johnny Rockfort

Gender: Male

Age: Very young 20s.

Fandom: Starmania (Tycoon)

Journal: johnny_rockfort

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

Monopolis, new capital of the West, is terrorized by the Black Stars, a gang whose leader Johnny Rockfort is acting under the influence of Sadia, a transvestite hailing from high society who, in the evening, descends in the underground to give her orders in the allied fight against the omnipotent magnate, Zero Janvier. To this effect, the black stars meet at the Underground Café under the amused gaze of Marie-Jeanne, the waitress, who is Johnny's surrogate mother, having sheltered him since he was 15.

Crystal, star presenter of the television show Starmania, receives a phone call from Sadia, who offers him an exclusive interview with the outlaw Johnny Rockfort, whose face is unknown to the public. Crystal and Johnny immediately fall in love and elope. Crystal decides to become the spokesperson for the Black Stars by sending pirate messages, thanks to a neutron camera which allows her to seize the air.

Later, Marie-Jeanne finds out that Sadia now works for Zero Janvier, her alleged nemesis. Meanwhile, the Black Stars have chosen this evening to detonate a bomb in the Golden Tower. Zero Janvier's men pursue the Black Stars. Crystal is hit and dies in Johnny's arms. Johnny is consequently arrested and executed by electrocution.


*points at the picture* Johnny is typically portrayed on stage by tall, strong and darkly charismatic singers. He always wears a black leather jacket with a black star on the back and usually eyeliner. For all intents and purposes here, his PB is Steven Strait, which makes him Warren Peace's apparent Twin at the Carpe Mansion.


Johnny is rebellious, violent, anarchistic and anti-intellectual. Yet he is also down-to-earth and overall a good person who simply was born in the worse possible era. Loyal onto death to those he loves, ruthless towards those he hates, he lives, in his own words, without faith or law. He is mostly unable to express his own emotions verbally - but his actions are always eloquent. He likes to rock out for fun (and even would have a garage band if he could) but can't stand substance abuse. He's generally tender towards fragile women but aggressive in bed and has a very high libido. He knows little about fidelity and is 100% straight.


  • Family: None. :| His father was a drunk and his mother was crazy, says the song. Natalie is the closest he's ever had to a sister.
  • Lovers: Amber Sweet was getting there at lightning speed, but then she disappeared. He dated Mary Magdalene for a while, when he was on the ship. Yes, he knows that she was JC's girlfriend.
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating): Echo
  • Friends: With some surprise, Ryuk certainly counts as both his best friend and his associate. People he's hung out with in the past include Nina Rosario, Richard DiNardo, Armand St. Just (II), Marguerite Blakeney.
  • Enemies: Adrian Ivashkov, Kazutaka Muraki, Firyafinwe, Rufus Shinra.
  • Allies: None so far. Typist is open to suggestions.
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not): Street urchins unite?

RP Canon

On Ze Boat

Johnny was killed by Zero, then woke on aboard a ship. There, he met Serena Katz, whom he seemed unable to relate to, as well as Collins, with whom he had the same sort of relationship.
He did manage to get Natalie Goodman off her addiction (she certainly is his closest friend and he feels quite protective of her), had a relationship with Mary Magdalene for a while before she disappeared.
Interestingly, Johnny gets on quite well with Marguerite Blakeney and Armand St-Just and has very strange conversations with Nina Rosario (he hates how she sees through him).
More to come soon, very likely.

At Ze Mansion (in 2010)

So he finally made it to the Mansion. Important plot points involve meeting Warren Peace (that was made of WTF), getting punched in the face by Novel!Armand for complimenting Margot's figure, being reunited with the Young Armand, Nina and Natalie, holding Adrian Ivashkov at the point of his jackknife, getting pissed at Natalie for ignoring him (because she has a ~boyfriend~), making an enemy of Muraki, and, later, of Rufus Shinra, and emoing at lots of people in general.

Then Amber Sweet shows up, sparks fly, Johnny stays protective of Echo but breaks Nina's heart by confiding in her his affections for Amber, while Nina had a crush of her own that he never suspected. So for now, there is no talking between Johnny and Nina, which bothers him more than he wants to admit. In the meantime, he also meets Ryuk, who weirds him out intensely and prompts him to warn all his friends about the Power of Names.

He seems well on the way to being Amber's boyfriend (wtf) and the barman of her prospective establishment downstairs. He even weasled Ryuk and Eda into helping with the bar's cleaning up. However, she's grown more and more scarce, and Johnny now considers himself single again.

Other interactions include (not in chronological order):

  • finding a drinking buddy and good friend in Richard DiNardo;
  • snogging Echo gleefully;
  • having drinks with Aramat, with mitigated results;
  • finally getting Adrian Ivashkov's name and scheming to get the Death Note, which will prove useless, what with Adrian vanishing;
  • enjoying banter with Malcolm Reynolds;
  • hitting (mildly) on River Tam.
  • oogling Eda when she's not looking, and drinking with her quite a bit;
  • rescuing Effy Stonem from a monstrous and carnivorous bat which eventually pretty much sucked the flesh off his hand, thus prompting an emergency healing from Karla;
  • remembering his past RP canon relationship at The Estates with Iphigenia at the worst possible time;
  • hanging out with Katniss Everdeen, whom he thinks has a lot of sense.

2013 update

Johnny Rockfort - the bar got destroyed in the quake, even with the resprouted Mansion, he needs to work on it. It gives him something to think about that isn't his friend Nina's death. Also, he's now short a waitress.

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