Jim Gordon

Name: Commissioner James Worthington Gordon

Gender: Male

Age: Late forties to around fifty.

Fandom: Batman (The Dark Knight Trilogy)

Journal: gothamsgoodcop

Typist: Meg

Quick Biography

Jim Gordon is ex-military, possibly special forces, and started out as a police officer in the Gotham PD. When he was a young beat cop, an armed mugger shot and killed Thomas and Martha Wayne. He tried to offer some comfort to the young and newly orphaned Bruce Wayne, putting his father's jacket around the boy's shoulders, but was soon sent away by Captain Loeb who had come to inform Bruce that his parents' killer had been caught. At some point in the years following Gordon was transferred to the Chicago PD. Something bad went down there that Gordon took the blame for and he was soon after transferred back to Gotham, the only police department that would have him. By the time Bruce Wayne has returned from his seven year walkabout he's risen to the rank of Sergant, but because he's an honest cop in a system known for corruption any further promotion has stalled. At some time following his return to Gotham, Gordon encountered Harvey Dent, who worked in Internal Affairs at the time, leading the officers he was investigating to call him ‘Harvey Two-Face.’ His partner Detective Flass told him that it makes the others nervous that Gordon's not on the take and that they're concerned that he'll rat them out, but Gordon tells him that he's no rat and, "In a town this bent, who is there to rat to?"

One of Batman's very first appearances in Gotham is to approach Gordon, sneaking into a GPD precinct and into Gordon's office, where he holds him at stapler-point as he proposes joining forces against the mob, led by Carmine Falcone. Batman tells Gordon he'll send him a signal, which turns out to be Falcone himself strapped to a searchlight by the docks, forming a bat-like shadow on the dense cloud cover. This enables the police to arrest him, and tie him into the drug smuggling going on at the docks. Falcone is eventually transferred to Arkham Asylum, on the order of Dr. Jonathan Crane. Not long after, the police are called to Arkham because the Batman is there, trying to rescue assistant DA Rachel Dawes. Gordon is among the responding officers and enters the building alone, where he encounters Batman, together they get Rachel, who had been dosed by fear toxin, out of the building so that Batman can treat her. As the police investigate Crane's operation there they discover that he's a powerful, weaponized hallucinogen and put it into the water supply for the entire city. Crane sets off explosions at Arkham, freeing the prisoners there to flee into the Narrows. Before the police seal off the island Rachel manages to return and pass on to Gordon two vials of an antidote to the fear toxin, one for him to use on himself and one to put into mass production. A powerful microwave emitter located on a train above the narrows is started up, vaporizing the water and putting the fear toxin into the air. Gordon injects himself with the antidote, but as the only officer on the island with a clear head and no reinforcements coming there isn't much he can do until Batman arrives at the island. Batman tells Gordon about the emitter on the train and gives him the keys to the Tumbler, which Gordon drives to Wayne tower and uses the armament on the vehicle to shoot out the pillars supporting the track, ensuring that the train will crash before it can vaporize the water mains under Wayne Tower. Afterward, Gordon is promoted to Lieutenant and installs a signal for the Batman on the precinct roof.

As a Lieutenant, Gordon is placed in charge of the Major Crimes unit, working to bring down the Mob in Gotham. Also, despite their best efforts to close down the last mob bank, the mob remains a step ahead due to their accountant Lau removing all of their money shortly before the raid. He and Batman agree to include new DA Harvey Dent’s office in their efforts, though it’s a strained relationship due to Harvey’s past in IA. Harvey disapproves of many of the officers in Gordon’s unit, having investigated and nearly convicted some of them in the past, but Gordon points out that if he didn’t work with cops Harvey investigated, he wouldn’t have anyone to work with. While they work at bringing down the mob there is also a new criminal on the scene leaving joker cards at his crime scenes. Gordon considers tracking him to be secondary to their efforts in fighting the mob, but after Batman helps put Lau in custody, the Joker goes public and starts murdering people. A card left at one of the scenes contains traces of DNA from Commissioner Loeb, the mayor, and a judge overseeing Harvey’s cases. Gordon orders protection for the mayor and the judge, though the judge is killed by a car bomb, and goes to protect the commissioner himself.

Unfortunately Loeb’s fondness for a glass of scotch in times of stress is known, and Gordon realizes the danger too late to prevent Loeb from being killed by poison. Gordon and his people provide the security at his funeral, but fail to notice in time that the honor guard has been replaced, on the third volley of the salute the Joker and his group of escaped inmates from Arkham turn and fire on the Mayor. Gordon jumps in the way, intercepting the bullet. Gordon pretends to be dead in order to have more freedom to move without the people knowing what he’s doing and to lure out the Joker. He asks his team from the MCU to inform Batman that he’s alive, but although they light the signal he doesn't come. Dent claims at a press conference that he is Batman, and Gordon sets himself up as the driver of the van transferring him to county. The convoy is attacked by the Joker and his men en route and though Batman tries to stop him, fails and is injured. As the Joker prepares to deliver the coup de grace, Gordon arrests him. In reward, the Mayor appoints him Commissioner. In the aftermath of the arrest, however, Harvey Dent and his girlfriend Rachel Dawes go missing. Gordon enlists a little help and goes Good Cop/Goddamn Batman on the Joker, who eventually gives them two addresses. Batman goes after Rachel and Gordon takes his team after Harvey, but the addresses were switched. Gordon arrives too late to save Rachel, and though Batman gets Harvey out alive, he is horribly burned on one side. The Joker escapes while they’re occupied.

An accountant named Coleman Reese goes on TV to announce the true identity of Batman, in the hope of stopping the Joker’s rampage, but the Joker demands his death within one hour, or he’ll blow up a hospital. Gordon orders that all hospitals in the city be evacuated and searched while he takes a few officers to take Reese into protective custody to keep panicked civilians from killing him. A car attempts to ram the police SUV they’re in but ends up hitting billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne’s Lamborghini instead as Wayne “tries to catch the light.” A hospital does explode, Gotham General, where Harvey Dent was recuperating. In the aftermath Gordon is informed that a busload of doctors and Harvey Dent are missing. The Joker makes more threats against the city, and the police attempt to evacuate while Gordon looks for the Joker himself. He is eventually located and Batman arrives just before Gordon’s SWAT teams move in, and though Batman tries to convince him to wait, Gordon insists on moving forward because he feels a personal need to save Harvey Dent, who he thinks is a prisoner of the Joker.

While the SWAT team is moving in, Gordon receives a phone call from Harvey, who has kidnapped his wife and children and taken them to where Rachel died. Gordon rushes there to find Harvey holding them at gunpoint. Harvey threatens to kill the person Gordon loves most to make him pay for the pain Harvey experienced, and eventually decides on his son James Jr. Batman arrives and he and Gordon try to persuade Harvey to leave the boy alone and take it out on the people responsible, he flips his coin for himself and Batman, leading to Batman getting shot. Then he puts the gun back to Jimmy’s head and makes Gordon tell his son that it’ll be okay before he flips for Jimmy, before the coin lands Batman tackles Harvey off the side of the building, where he presumably dies on impact. Batman passes Jimmy safely up to Gordon, but falls after Harvey. He survives the fall but is injured. He tells Gordon to publicly blame him for Harvey’s murders to keep from undoing all the good that Harvey had done for the city. In the aftermath Gordon has to not only explain to his young son why the man who saved his life was now a fugitive, but give a eulogy for the man who’d nearly killed his family and destroy the Batsignal.

Physical Abilities

Gordon is a well trained, ex-military officer in a dangerous area, he can more than take care of himself in a fight and he's proficent with a variety of guns, from handguns to rifles. He's also excellent at high-speed pursuit driving.

Superhuman Abilities


Unusual or Magical Possessions

A Smith & Wessen 5904 in a shoulder holster, which is generally hidden under his jacket, a Gotham PD badge, and a bat-shaped throwing star hidden in a pocket.


Gordon is of average height, with brown hair, blue eyes and a thick mustache. He's thin but fit, and wears large, rectangular glasses.


Gordon is a good man and has a strong moral center, something that has allowed him to work in the corrupt GPD system for years and still remain honest. He loves his city, even though the city doesn't seem to return it. He also tries to see the best in people even though it can come back to bite him, this is probably why he decided to give the Batman a chance. He's not quite an idealist, he'd probably like to be an idealist, but Gotham would make anyone cynical. He's more of a Knight In Sour Armor (I didn't link, you're welcome). Still, he's devoted himself to making the city better, which has probaby lead to some strain in his relationship with his wife. He loves his wife and his children very much, but he wouldn't be willing to leave Gotham. In the movieverse it's probably going to lead to their divorce after what happened with Harvey. He's not fully comfortable with the grey areas Batman works in, but he accepts that it's necessary, Batman is able to work around the system which is still bogged down by dirty cops. He'd hoped his new position as Commissioner will allow him to clean up the department.


  • Family: James Gordon Jr. (son), Barbara Gordon (daughter)
  • Lovers: Barbara Kean Gordon (wife)
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating):
  • Friends: Rachel Dawes (d)
  • Enemies:
  • Allies: The Batman
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not): Gotham PD

RP Canon

Joined May 18 2011

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