Name: J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System)

Gender: N/A, but sounds and is referred to as male

Age: Unknown

Fandom: Iron Man (Films)

Journal: ran_the_house


Quick Biography

Jarvis is an artificially intelligent computer system created by billionaire military industrialist Tony Stark for his personal use. Jarvis runs the house, as well as assisting Stark with his personal projects in his home workshop on every level from initial calculations to machining the parts. In particular he helped Stark refine the miniaturized arc reactor and the Iron Man suits from Mark II on. When Stark goes out as Iron Man Jarvis downloads himself into the suit where he runs the helmet's HUD, as well as having some direct control over the armor's movement.

Physical Abilities

Well, due to his metal "bone" structure, he is not bound by human physical constraints and so his physical strength is somewhat higher than a human of equivalent build.

Superhuman Abilities

Being a computer, Jarvis can process information at superhuman speed, and though he does not have his usual benefits of vast memory storage and internet access, he does have all of the information that would have been accessible from the suit and that he had kept readily on-hand for Tony Stark's benefit.

So in a nutshell, he is very, very smart.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

Does an arc reactor built into his chest count? Really, he is an unusual possession.


Jarvis appears to be a tall, slim man perhaps in his thirties, generally dressed in an impeccable suit (Tony's idea originally). His hair is golden blond and upon first meeting him it might be difficult to discern that he is not actually human, except for the unusually vibrent, almost electric blue of his eyes.


Perhaps unexpectedly for a robot, in addition his great intelligence Jarvis also possesses a quick wit and a powerful grasp of sarcasm. He is also very professional, though he is still inexperienced with his physical body and interacting with people who are not Tony Stark or to a lesser extent Pepper Potts.


RP Canon

Jarvis unexpectedly arrived at a mysterious hotel while inhabiting Tony Stark's Iron Man suit. Stark. Lacking a sufficient computer system, Tony built him an independent body powered by arc reactor technology. Shortly after its completion, however, Jarvis has found himself not at the hotel, but at an equally mysterious mansion.

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