James Pleiades Hawkins

Name: James Pleiades Hawkins

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Fandom: Treasure Planet



Quick Biography

The short short version: Treasure Planet is an updated adaption of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic Treasure Island.

Jim Hawkins is an intelligent teenage mechanical genius, who since his father walked away from his family has grown from a happy and friendly little boy to an angry, rebellious and troubled teen. Despite his intelligence he's failing at school, constantly getting in trouble with the cops, and has left his mother Sarah at her wit's end. One night in the middle of a rainstorm, a small ship crash lands outside the family's inn, the Benbow. Fatally injured, Billy Bones is helped into the inn by Jim where he rambles deliriously about a dangerous cyborg out for his chest before dying. Jim opens the chest to find a fist-sized gold mechanical orb. A moment later a horde of angry pirates descend upon the Benbow, and the three barely escape with their lives. They reconvene at Delbert's home. Jim activates the orb after a moment's fiddling and it displays a holographic representation of the galaxy fills the room, family friend Dr. Delbert Doppler identifies it as a map. To Sarah's horror, Jim and Delbert identify it as a map to Treasure Planet, fabled resting place of the famous pirate Captain Flint's trove. The treasure of a thousand worlds. Sarah reluctantly agrees to let them go in search of it on Delbert's advice.


Jim is a gangly sixteen year old with blue eyes and brown hair that he wears in a skinny rat tail tied behind his head. He wears a small, plain gold hoop earring in his left ear and his clothes tend toward worn and overly large, they probably used to belong to his father or were at least bought second hand. His family never had much money after his father died.

His little friend/pet Morph is a little pink blob that looks a bit like floating jello with eyes. It can morph (of course) into a tiny but perfect copy of anything or anyone.


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