Jaenelle Angelline

Name: Jaenelle

Gender: Female

Age: 22 ish.

Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy



Quick Biography

Jaenelle had rather a nasty childhood. She was in and out of a facility called Briarwood since she was four, due to her family's belief that she was insane as she claimed to see unicorns and dragons that no one else believed in. Briarwood was esentially pedophile-central, which, as you can imagine, was a lot of fun. Jaenelle was already extraordinarily powerful and her strangeness made her unattractive to many, but it didn't prevent Dorothea from taking note of her power and attempting to break her mind and body by using a man to brutally rape her. She barely survived and was in a comatose state for nearly two years while her body and mind healed, then she woke and began her life again. She built a family carefully and while she was initially skittish and nervous, she recovered due to not remembering what had been done to her until much later. She became Queen of Ebon Askavi to save the kindred, her friends, from being killed, though reluctantly.


blonde hair, blue eyes that range from sky to sapphire. Slight, fairly small, with a delicately featured, exotic face. Behind the mask, has a mane of golden hair that extends in a stripe down her spine, ending in a fawn tail; her legs end in cloven hooves and her hands have sheathed claws; and there is a little spiral horn in the center of her forehead. But she doesn't often drop that mask except over her eyes. When they're swirling midnight, that's when you're in trouble.


She is brave, honest, and always puts others before herself. If crossed, Jaenelle can become angry and vengeful. She's not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She tends to be stubborn to a fault. Helping others is essentially a compulsion with her, but she's often confused by others' reactions to her offers - or demands. Jaenelle's occupation isn't a queen, she is a Queen, but while her personality is a force of nature she's more likely to shy from any display of power than almost any of the other witches. Her protective nature for the rest of the Mansion means she worries constantly, often about those she has no real connection to. She hates to be feared and is very sensitive to the emotions of those around her, and deeply, deeply affected by others feelings. Jaenelle is rarely, if ever, shallow, and she sees through lies easily, and is bothered by ones there is no reason for. She tends to be rather selfless, though at the same time she can, as she is still naive in many ways, perceive things as insults even when they are not. She is dizzyingly powerful and can be terrifyingly vicious, but she takes care of her own at any cost.

RP Canon

Jaenelle worries about everyone at the Mansion. She's inadvertently started several crackplots, been kiddified numerous times, and gotten pissed at people for poking Warlord Princes. She tends to be very emotional and this has caused numerous little problems with people who get nervous around power. She's Healed numerous people, among them Locke Lamora and Caliban Leandros on Anita's behalf, whom she has forged a very close friendship with. Phedre, Jaenelle, and Anita seem to have bonded over Lucivar's headlong crash into near-madness, and as they do not fear her and show her affection, something Jaenelle really can't get enough of, she's adopted them both and will take care of them with her life. She and Kvothe seem to have issues getting along, though. She is very glad that her First Circle is here, though, and makes sure to take care of everyone.

She also seems to have befriended Cyrano de Bergerac, surprisingly, as he is the most landenish landen who ever landened a landen. But perhaps this is akin to her strong friendship with Armand St. Just.

Jaenelle seems to excel at making major interpuppetry blunders, fixing them after much angst, and then making another one. This pattern has largely held true, though sometimes she does help people. Among her dearest friends are Caranthir, Armand St. Just, and Galadriel. Mostly things are all right with those ones. Mostly.

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